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    An engine voucher only saves you the Base price of the engine. All upgrades still need to be paid. A building voucher only gives you a 20% discount so it is never for free

  • There is a route. I put my picture under a spoiler button to avoid a wall of pictures in one topic.. but it does not work correctly. I have removed the spoiler now so you can see the picture with the route sometimes it is difficult to see the routes when the area is still in the dark.

  • RN is not always abou the shortest routes.. You will have to go an indirect route..…10fcd3e7fee7fecc405776b17

  • hauling goods

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    It can be one of two problems 1. your city does not accept pipes yet.. 2. you delivered the supply goods but did not load your trains with pipes. to solve problem 1 you need to wait until the city reaches the level that allows pipes. the problem two means that after you click an industry to deliver the supply good you then have to click it again to load the pipes. If pipes are loaded and the city accepts pipes then, and only then the there will be a pipes icon over the city. If you cannot see th…

  • So, then you stepdown as cabinet member just before the endgame That is happening now also in the top regions that are going for the win 90% of the players incl city council and mayor of other towns will stepdown to change Home to the agreed EG city Regional cabinet members don't have any special powers during end game the achievement is based on your home town at end of the game onyl

  • I do not think major changes are needed. We have been able to vote out "dictators" before.. that only takes an announcement on the regional forum and maybe some personal messages asking ppl to change their vote.. Resetting each era, makes it a bit to much about voting to my taste. It is a game about running trains not about running (political) campaigns Instead of automatic cancellation of votes or revote every era. (for speed that means every week) i like the options to limit amount of players …

  • You seem to think that the servers go off time a bit daily. That is not the case. I am currently on a speed server and it is on day 2 era 4 and the industry recalc has been at :05 on the hour for the whole round. But it is annoying that it changes on you when you do not know when or why it happens.. But it is very predictable when it happens.. so that is a good thing. so here it is The industry calculations will change each time the server goes into maintenance. So after a maintenance session it…

  • gold shop will not open

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    Hi Docsbabe, YOu better contact ingame support, there is a support button with a question mark at the top right of your screen. Pick the Gold support option.. they can see if the issue is related to your account or a general error.. for sure they can help you solve it.. with a special offer that is the fastest way. This forum is not a fast way to get help with ingame problems.

  • hi Wendy Not literal Like you ask but have a look at my topic about which RP routes cost how much RP and today I posted a Lab table on how much RP are generated in one era.. RP cost for new research tree - required research

  • Now that I have stared a few servers with the new update there is one "short comming" or unwanted side effect from the update that hurts All goods trains are much closer together so running straight run to the falcon and just do everything with the falcon is not always the best options. in competitive cities Passenger will also be soon needed (within a week or so) and depending on the routes you want to run you need eighter one or the other engine especially in the second half of the era. Curren…

  • or even from the museum itself..hard to miss I say (Hidden Content)

  • Hi Jainco, I agree with you partially. I also think there should be an option to have some extra pax trains in the museum. that is a nice wish.. especially now that the extra passenger trains are introduces to the game. it can now make sense to be able to switch between long haul passenger trains and short haul depending on if you are running pax to the landmark or just doing city runs. But the part about "spending your money on things you do not need? can hardly Imagine that would happen there …

  • I thought it might be usefull to also post how much RP the lab will produce in points per day and per era to help with the choices to make..…10fcd3e7fee7fecc405776b17 note: for speed servers the amount of points per era is the same, just the time it takes to research a point is halved (like the era duration) the points per day is double of what it is on a normal server (because the era's are half as long)

  • I often play multiple servers over several domains, mostly .com, .de, .nl sometimes .us But as it happens sometimes a server does not work out for what ever reason so you set your account on delete. The delete process takes 3 days At this moment you cannot see which worlds are on delete and if you accedentally open that world the delete is cancelled.. and starts again. Especially in the USA scenario all domains have a golden gate server.. so it is easy to make a mistake. It would be very usefull…

  • Yes that is right in the table below you can see how many points you get per day and per era for each level Engine house, laboratory are the important buildings to get good trains on the tracks. and bank ofcourse to be able to save enough money to pay the upgrades.…10fcd3e7fee7fecc405776b17 maybe this guide can help you also a bit to get started.. Newbie Guides

  • No passenger trains makes a huge difference Nerisrath.. researching all trains of era 1 will cost you 291 points for Classic and Steam over europe it is 441 points. which is a difference of 150 points or over 50% more RP needed

  • @HumanDecoy no one promised it would be an easy game When you are just starting the game you need to be strategic with your choices where to spend your money.. you cannot unlock all trains each era (anymore) you have to choose a route to research.. leaving some trains unresearched - Upgrade the labratory often to get more points each day - Only research the required upgrades of a train to unlock the next train. (the thick white arrows) I made a topic that shows the possible routes to take resear…

  • New Gold packages test

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    Well.. my two favorite packages will be gone 265 for 4,99 and 560 for 9,99 I do not see much improvement and don't get the statement "at the same time giving you the flexibility to also purchase small amounts" This is marketing speak.. there is no actual more flexibility.. now you have payment options for €2, €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €150 which buys 100, 265, 560, 1200, 3150, 6700 and 10.800 gold with the new system you have €1, €8, €25, €50, €100, €200 which buys 45, 450, 1500, 3150, 6700 and 1…

  • Workers Icon Images

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    this is the link to the package. Fan page support - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation When downloaded it looks like the last update was in may 2018 (date fansite policy pdf) To get the list started. of things to add - in trains map: add the new passenger trains - in icons maps: the world icons for all express worlds - the portrets of the workers would be nice (not what TS is asking)

  • Player icons stars

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    That is the (in)famous Rail nation First class star It is a loyalty award for long time players that will get you some unique trains skins.. this is the announcement of introduction.. ttps:// the criteria for getting First Class are not disclosed as far as I know