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  • Lucy's garden

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    The ghost train incident messed up the whole station. The Chaos didn’t even spare Lucy's small stone garden next to the turnout track 3a. Can you help Lucy divide the garden back into the original parcels? Lucy had once created the garden according to the following principles: - Each parcel is dot-symmetrical around a single switchpoint light. - The edge of a parcel is drawn on the grid lines. - The complete garden area must be allocated to the parcels.…5e417f8b990…

  • Hey @TheEarl Have you checked the Pre reg FAQ yet? >> Pre-registration FAQ - A New Feature << Your association HQ will start at the level that can hold all the members, so for 21 members that would be 11 if I'm not mistaken, between 15-17 donations to gain another level I think.

  • Gold from ending the game

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    Good for you @Fysh! Nice to have you back \o/ Have you already tried how the new Tech trees play?

  • Hello haulers! A new round of Classic scenario TR-1 Buhar Kazanı starts on 14th of November, 2018, 13:00 UTC Welcome to join the round with a new Pioneers update and new passenger engines! Read more here: Changelog 4.9.0 - coming soon and from here: General discussion

  • Server

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    Hey @Haul it all Hal Love the name! You can find all your active servers from your lobby. Here's an example from my lobby, and I marked with red where you can find all your servers:…5e417f8b99010e64c3e052104

  • Free production series era 5!

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    Post…5e417f8b99010e64c3e052104 Hello Railroaders, Today we present you the last free production series for now, the Medusa for era 5! You get it for free until Tuesday 13.11.2018 20:00 UTC+1. The only thing you have to do is to login on any server of your choice. Now we presented you all new production skins, which one doe you like the most? Let us know! Your Rail Nation team.

  • Halloween Contest Prize

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    Hi Like this

  • ptr 2

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    Hey, PTR forum is in maintenance at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Maintenance on November 8th

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    Reminder, Maintenance on November 8th. See further details above.

  • Hello haulers! A new round of USA scenario US-102 Grand Central starts on 8th of November 2018, 15:00 UTC Welcome to join the round! Want to know the secrets of Grand Central terminal?


  • Hey, Your wish to build and send engines straight to museum has been forwarded. Thank you for the idea!

  • Idea has been forwarded, thank you for this! Being able to easily tell which avatars are set for deletion so that you wouldn't tap the rounds by accident - fine idea!

  • Hello @acey181 I'm sorry to hear there are issues with your game account. Thank you for playing the game for such a long time! I'm not personally able to help you here on forum, but I'm happy to guide you forward to game support: News and Help Center - Contact Customer Support Support is waiting to hear from you.

  •…5e417f8b99010e64c3e052104 Here's the horrifying solution! Next, our lucky winners - let the lottery begin! @HoplophileX US101 @Pista007 COM05 / COM203 @Joshua Michael US01 @upiara COM03 @Geordie Senior COM203 @Nerisrath US102 @Fern Lee 60 COM101 @A.King RU201 @Gaia. COM202 @Disfarçado COM201 @Frankin Berry COM05 @cxp46 GR01 @madleo GR01 @Yoghikk ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ IT101 @Hubert 2 FR01 Congratulations to our winners and thank you everyone for participating! Have a great weeken…

  • Hi is this something that happened after the update to pioneer? I've managed to research everything multiple times, but haven't done a "Pioneer round" yet. There the new tech trees may need you to be more strategic in the long run

  • Free production series Era 3!

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    Post…5e417f8b99010e64c3e052104 Dear Railroaders, we proudly present the 2nd production series this week. The team created a wonderful skin for the Herakles from era 3. Just log in to any server of your choice and get it for free! But be aware, you only get it for free until Tuesday 6th November 2018, 19:00 UTC. Be quick, don't waste any time. Log in and get your new skin! Your Rail Nation team

  • This is so cool! ^

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts here and starting a discussion! It's a big topic with the worker slots and I can well understand the frustration. People are working on it and doing their best to fix it once and for all. When there's a schedule for the fix, we will let you know. Changing how the game mechanics work could bring more bugs, but the suggestion in itself is pretty understandable - to have all the slots open. We will keep you posted about the fixes.

  • Halloween has arrived once more in Rail Nation. A curse befell William and Lucy. Can you tell us what is wrong and find the 8 differences?……5e417f8b99010e64c3e052104 Among all correct answers we give away 3 lottery tickets to 15 players! To participate, remember to mention the name of your game world (e.g. US101 Golden Gate) in your answer, so we know where to send the prize! You can send in your answer until F…