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  • Quote from Klabbauter: “Well, the start Question is answered in the FAQ, with one exception: If you start the new round with 21 members … well, you have to wait, till your income allows to pay a few millions to level up the Headquarters. ” Wrong. Everyone gets one free donation for the association headquater from Lucy in the tutorial.Leveling the headquarters once on the first day (if enough players activate their prerigistration) is no problem.

  • Passenger Trains still OP?

    hilti2 - - General discussion


    The profits of passenger trains were reduced. Especially the ones for really long routes. IIRC the profits for short routes to the neighbouring city were raised a bit. Did your city just leveled to 5? In the first days when only few passenger trains run you can make good profit but when more and more trains run it becames balanced.

  • Quote from Driver2927: “i like the options to limit amount of players from eihter 1 town or 1 asso. 2 of each town sounds fair. for asso members I would say max 3 members. ” Then cabinet members cant change their home town to get points for the Home Pride achievement.

  • Only until Era 4 (my server is in the middle of Era 4). Including the complete research of one engine (Lynx, Morpheus, Thor or Poseidon): Era 2: 12 /15 (with/without lab) (old researchtree 11/14) Era 3: 14/18 (old: 15/19) Era 4: 17/19 (old: 18/20)

  • Quote from jaunco325: “2: the game should give you the option to buy a locomotive and send it directly to the museum, ” That option is already in the game.

  • Quote from Dutcher: “I will still park my passenger trains just to be sure. And I also remember more questions about this achievement. Some say it would also not trigger if you hauled the good to another industry (showing a different good in the train schedule, even if you didnt pick up the 2nd good). Supposedly, it needs to be hauled to a City only? ” I never heared about that and would call that a myth. As I said you'll get the medal if only one good shows up in the revenue statistics for the …

  • Quote from Dutcher: “Then there is another timer, revenue per goods under the money menu. God only knows when this timer starts and ends, I believe from 0:00 midnight to midnight? ” Yes, the daily revenue statistics are from midnight to midnight. And thats the timer for the Monopolist achievement. For the Monopolist medal only one good should show up in the daily revenue statistics. Except passengers, I think you'll get the medal even when yiur bonus passenger trains aren't parked. There are 3 t…

  • Quote from winkelbus: “2) Large capacity trains with low top speed and low acceleration should do best on short distances and long wait times. ” Low acceleration trains are never good on short distances. @Hear Me Roar could you do the graphs in 2D without the tonnage/h? I guess 2D-graphs would be easier to read.

  • Player icons stars

    hilti2 - - Question & Answers


    The colour shows the careerlevel and First Class members get the star. There is a post in the german part of the forum which should answer your question with more details: Karrierebutton Farben und Federn