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  • Quote from Enekini: “AH, so I get an extra $500 in my restaurant and they take the free cars, big bucks, etc worth far more. Seems like they are stealing from me more than helping... ” Depends. When you have a high level restaurant, you are happy to get 40k more, while they can earn between 0 and 400k for watching 2 videos (we love those 20gold tickets...). Nevertheless, I can understand some people really want their videos. In my association, we create a topic at the beginning of each server wh…

  • I believe it is level 5. My lottery level 4 still gives me some.

  • +1 to driver's comments. To add on Nerisrath's proposition, that or a limit on the amount of goods you can buy every hour, or something. And yeah, not sure of the relevance of the PTR server, I'm happy to test some things, but I never go to that PTR server because I don't have time to play an entire server for nothing, and I don't like playing for just 3 days and then quitting. So I do my testing on a regular server. But if I came up with a rough idea of how to gain coins exponentially in 10 min…

  • The winter event is coming!

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    Quote from Jixajd: “How do you do that guys ? I am glad to trade up to 15 wintercoins per hour somehow and you are counting them in thousands per hour... seem to me "unbelievable" ” That's the issue. If you have 100 goods, you gain 100 coins. Quickly, you get up to 1'000 goods, and therefore gain a 1'000 coins per hour. And so on. Basically, the most active players quickly reached 1'000 and more coins, and then started gaining more and more, exponentially increasing their gains. While "most" pla…

  • Some feedback after 3 days of event : First of all, I love it overall. I find the idea great, I really like the small quests and the idea of the market, as well as the whole "choose your path, with changing prices on the goods". The first few hours, I found it a bit too good that the packages, that you can buy every hour, gave so much coins, compared to quests. And then, arised the real issue, IMO. The changing prices are very predictible. Right now, I'm making circa 1'000 coins / hour. Tomorrow…

  • Landmark Levels

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    the goal is the first spot for region (each landmark level grants 2'000 points, while each city level grants 500 points, and it's much easier to reach landmark 15 and city 30, than landmark 10 and city 50 to compensate).

  • Quote from AdriRock: “Greetings, I have a question (and sorry about mistakes): Does event engine adjust their parameters in future era's after I got it? Let me explain: If I get an engine in era 2, will it became better in 3,4,5,6 era's? Or it will be some sort of Bull engine for the rest of the round? ” I got the event bonus engine the last day of era 1. It stayed an era 1 engine when I hit era 2.

  • I love the idea, as Klabbauter said. As long as the rewards are "small" and given to a group of people, not one individual (as to not be gamebreaking), I would be totally fine with that. I can think of, for example : "gift a train series, gift a clothing". I would also not mind an option for the chair to diminish the WT in all association-controlled industries by a set amount for X hours, usable once every week / era / ... The chair could choose when he wants to use it, and the message in the as…

  • Bugs in investment medal

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    I believe hilti is 100% correct

  • I do agree with Nerisrath. After all, my team managed to win on Rome (arguably one of the worst megacities) against an experienced Goteborg (arguably one of the best cities). You have so many factors you have to take into account. To me, the number of total tracks is irrelevant, compared to the time at which you get those sets (which you can definitely influence). The main point I would consider balancing, for faire EG, is the number of active teams in one region, compared to the rest of the reg…

  • Hey, sacroima - FR201

  • The winter event is coming!

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    A shame that my server (day 5 era 1 atm) is not included Seems I will miss this event for just a couple of days, since the international server that is day 8 era 1 is included. Too bad, I really don't feel like starting a new server late just to test those new functionalities out. Especially because it's way too complicated to start a server late and still keep up. If I had know 3 weeks ago when another server from my region started... Hope the event will be fun anyway Actually I've just seen th…

  • Community Feature

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    I do prefer option A. Clearer, forces the choice for 1 upgrade over the other at all times instead of just doing both at the same time with Plus account, which is a bit like the new engines, all about choices. I'm not sure how I feel regarding the balancing (half the price for both, or 70% price for faster RP, 30% for storage, or smth else), I'll let you guys come up with that one !

  • Agreed ! Would love having that option for + account.

  • Passenger Trains still OP?

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    Quote from Fysh: “Well I'm connected to 3 cities, all level 5 now. My dragonfly is earning around 40k/hour, at one stage it was over 60k. It's a massive boost this early in the game. ” I would say it's pretty low actually. My carrier engine is earning something like 100k/h the first few hours of the game. But yeah, as explained, as long as nobody is doing the same route as you do, with passengers, then you earn a lot of money. But usually, the WT sky-rockets to 3min+ on each city, and all your p…

  • If, like me, you love seeing that you make some progress in a game, I can encourage you to look closely at the carrier achievements. I personally see the game like that now : you start rounds after rounds, and the goal is to unlock one or two of those specific achievements. And my carrier engine is then the reflection of my progress. Otherwise, there are also the skins that stay unlocked, I always like to use the vouchers I received on skins of trains that were particularly of use to me througho…

  • I have always felt that a city consumption 1 min after the industry recalc is actually a real bonus to a city in EG. It basically gives you 1 additional minute for the tricky rushs, giving time to the last trains, that collected the good juste before the industry recalc, to get back to town before the city recalc. But yeah, setting a recalc to be constant throughout the game might be convenient during the game.

  • While I agree with some of your points Locomotius, having been a president that had to deal with idiots questionning the strategy every day because it was something new, and something new is by definition something that does not work in RN (that's how people think anyway). I strongly disagree on your suggestion to vote based on your PP. That's basically saying that the only ones that are fit to vote in real life are the rich and the mighty. And while it is how it works behind the scenes in real …

  • Isn't the option to buy an engine to the museum already implemented everywhere ? I have that option in SoE ! And yeah, that's great.

  • Workers in Endgame

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    Exactly what I wanted to know ! Thanks a lot