Community Guidelines

  • Welcome to the Rail Nation forum!

    This forum offers you a platform to enter interesting discussions with other players and Rail Nation team. You have come to the right place if you want to discuss your ideas with others, are looking for information or help, or can provide assistance to others.
    These community guidelines form part of the Terms & Conditions. By registering on forum each user accepts these community guidelines as well as Terms & Conditions and undertakes to observe them, especially Section §11.

    • General behaviour

      • Spamming, swearing and insulting. A forum provides a nice environment only if there is a polite and respectful atmosphere.
      • Excessive/repeated posting of similar texts. Posts should only be posted in one forum section and not duplicated.
      • Impersonating staff, including posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the rules.
      • Threads or posts created with the purpose of advertising web pages or products that have no relation to Rail Nation or other games by Travian Games GmbH.
      • Posting material which could be considered as illegal or as copyright violation by the international law.
    • Posts and topical relevance
      Please attempt to provide an objective line of argumentation when replying. Try to stick to the discussion topic. Phrase your opinion in an understandable way and take into account the arguments of other users. Unverifiable accusations or suspicions should not be posted. Constructive criticism is welcome if it's written in a respectful and factual manner and supported by relevant arguments. Avoid thread hijacking (diverting from the original topic for the purpose of another discussion) and open a separate thread instead.
    • Warnings and bans
      Any account violating Terms and Conditions or these community guidelines maybe warned, banned or deleted by staff members depending on the severity of the infraction inflicted on these rules.
    • Moderation
      Moderators make sure that the community guidelines are being followed. For questions about a ban, please contact the involved moderator by private message. If there is good reason to assume an abuse of power by the moderator, the admin can be contacted at admin@railnation.tld
    • External links
      Bright Future/Travian Games are not liable for the content of external links. Liability lies solely with the owner of the web page in question. It's unreasonable for the provider to regularly check the content of linked content. If we become aware of violations of external links, they will be removed. Until then, users click on links at their own risk.
    • Organisational matters
      The Rail Nation team reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time.