Welcome to our new forum!

  • Dear railroader,

    Good to see that your journey took you here! The time has come: Our new forum is ready for railroaders from all over the world! We placed the heart of the community directly into the Rail Nation lobby.

    Take your time to explore the new environment and familiarize yourself with the new features. We will provide you with guides with the most important information, so that you are not alone on this exploration tour.

    Full steam ahead! :engine:

    The Rail Nation Team

  • Hi everyone o/

    It's me, Uncle Samisu and I Want You!

    Jokes aside, just thought I'd say hello to everyone! You can call me Samisu and I'll be hanging around here with you guys - as your new Community Manager!

    Some of you might have already noticed that COM is going to take care of RN passengers from US and from Nordic countries. It's a big happy family now!

    I hope you checked the User Guide already. New forum has some pretty cool new features, like 'The Wall' << That's a link to my personal wall where you can drop a comment anytime! A little to the right, and you should see a menu with icons. For private conversations, just tap those 2 speech bubbles to 'Create Conversation' with me.

    Game support will be handled (as always) by the super amazing CSR - Yaenara.

    Nice to meet you! And I hope you'll enjoy the new forum!


    P.S. Actually, I do want you! :thumbup:

    If you'd like to join these guys below, you can apply for position in the Rail Nation Team! Write and send your open application by starting a conversation with me (tap the speech bubbles on my profile page). We have some Forum & Chat Moderator / jack-or-jill-of-all-trades positions open.

    Skills / Traits:

    • Basic knowledge of the game, so you can answer questions and participate in forum threads.
    • Fluent(ish) English
    • Genuine willingness to help other players and the whole community!
    • <3 for the game