Deliberate sabotage

  • Oh oh, that's a real good question.

    Humans have different ideas about what they call sabotage, or reasonable play.

    Your question is often put, when players take factories with large invests ... but support will tell you, the rules of the game definitely allow it. There are two main groups of players: those who want to work together for one town or one region, and those who do anything to get points in the ranks. And those two groups often accuse each other to play the wrong way.

    For a better understanding of your ... maybe problem ... I suggest you tell us, what you mean by "deliberate sabotage" and "reasonable playing". But, if you do, please remember: no name calling.

    Beliebt sein ist eigentlich ganz einfach:

    Man muss nur immer sagen, was die anderen hören wollen.

    Leider liegt mir das so überhaupt nicht.

  • During EndGame they have set each of their 5 Olympus to haul direct the 5 most difficult good, thus spoiling the wait times. If there are 2 factories they have gone factory 1 - city- factory 2 - city - factory 1 etc. I would and do call that deliberate sabotage

  • Yes, that's one of the examples often told in the old German forum too (the only one I know yet).
    And I hate that too, cause I am one of the team players, who want to see their town win.
    But a good team can develop strategies to deal with that. Lately I saw a team definitely offering goods to them, and distract them from collecting from all factories. That was smart.

    On the other hand .. again, the rules do not disallow it. If they do it with Lindworms or Olymps, for those who do anything for points, this is a "great idea" to collect points during the end game.

    As I said, I only heard ideas of Germans about this, so I am curious how English speaking players think about it.

    And again, there are different groups who act like you and I dislike:
    - the hunters for rank 1 at the end
    - those who come from other towns to raise their chances for a win
    - people who have fun to spoil others' fun

    Beliebt sein ist eigentlich ganz einfach:

    Man muss nur immer sagen, was die anderen hören wollen.

    Leider liegt mir das so überhaupt nicht.

  • I'm one of the newer players of Rail Nation, but it is glaringly obvious that team play is not mandatory and there is even in fact a single player winner category. If it was not intended for you to be able to break majorities and strongarm others with your cash, I don't believe you'd be able to. Goods factories are clearly intended to be available to serve anyone interested in collecting goods, as they turn no players away. If your team feels they deserve to be responsible for the majority output of goods from a factory, then they're going to have to take responsibility for ensuring that factory has enough stock of supplies to keep up with demand. So, seeing as they act like public companies and not private ones, sooner or later you're going to have to understand that that factory has other customers than you and you might come to the conclusion to supply the factory with the stock it needs instead of only supplying the portion of demand that you contribute.

    Perhaps it is easier said than done, I am admittedly inexperienced, but even in that case: So what? The game actually has depth and complexities, and is not intended to be easy, but rather intended to allow you to create a competitive advantage for yourself and to exploit that advantage like a proper profit-maximizing businessman.

    Seeing as you appear to participate as a member of a team, it's important to recognize that that itself is a huge competitive advantage, and if you're not working together to improvise, adapt, and overcome the challenges presented to you rather than just complaining about things not working out exactly the way you want it to, then you're doing it wrong. If your entire team can't overcome one guy's set of trains, then perhaps you're not deserving of a win or success.

    It is perfectly reasonable play to position yourself for success at the expense of others. Even within the most tight-knit teams, rewards cannot be shared equally and there is healthy competition that serves to encourage progress.

  • A good caller will be able to deal with some deliberate sabotage. You should go into an endgame expecting that people will be randomly hauling from your facilities, and instead of just getting mad about it figure out a way to work around it. Think about what you are setting for offline goods, what goods you can haul mid-hour to spike wait times for the sabotagers, etc.

  • Hi all people!

    I am thinking now on 2 reasons for the thing called "sabotage":
    1- Personal haulers
    Do not worry, all the mayor cities have the same "problem", and their progress decrease as well
    2- "Enemies" cities
    Well, just do the same to them!!!

    Best regards.