Railway Business Card Game

  • Hi there!

    Here's a little game just for fun!

    Rules (are really simple)
    In Railway Business Card Game, you will design your own little railway business card! The card can be completely fictional, or tell something about your Rail Nation play style (or why not both).

    • Card: Use this site for layout: Make Free Business Cards (part of the challenge!) and fill in your information
    • Logo: Find a free to use picture (for example bing.com/images >> Filter >> Licences) or draw your own logo. Click 'Upload Logo'. Not a lot of room there ;-)
    • Image: When ready, click 'Preview', take a screenshot and crop the image
    • Publish: Click 'Attachements' >> Upload >> Full Image. Or make your card image into a link (for example imgur.com >> New Post) and add your image to this thread by clicking 'Image' icon. When using link, be sure to 'copy image address' with right mouse button.

    Be creative and have fun!
    You can also add a little backstory to your card, or let the card say it all!

    Remember - it's not a contest so take your time :thumbsup:

  • Great idea, Samisu. I really like it!

    You might remember A. L. Webbers Starlight Express and the great song "There is a light at the end of the tunnel"
    Search youtube for it, Great music.Fantastic train costumes.

    Well it's also a quote, at least here in Germany, which is meant to give hope:
    "Da ist ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels"

    That one, years ago, when there were still a few bugs in our so much loved game, it inspired me to create a t-shirt with the motiv "There is a bug at the end of the tunnel": Nasty, isn't it? Well, I AM nasty.

    So today, when you came up with this great idea, I changed my painting to use it as a business card logo, so now I can be part of your game, I hope you like it:

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

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  • I think, this is a great game, thank you, Samisu.

    On my part I did it slightly different:
    When you finished your card, you can click download. The cards come as a pdf file ready to be printed. But only displayed on your browser. The save needs to be the next, if you really wanted to print them.
    There is a rotation button on the upper right, you can rotate it by 90 degrees, to change from vertical vew to horizontal.

    Those who don*t know how to crop a screenshot, can zoom in a bit and then take a screenshot.
    If you have no tools to crop out one card only, I suggest to post the compete screenshot, someone else will be there (I hope) to crop one card out of your uploaded screen.

    That is, how my card was done, so it came slightly bigger than that of Samisu.


    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.