T&C needs to be updated

  • Hello and good day. I was reading through the terms and conditions and I was troubled to find the wording above. As written, these Terms & Conditions expressly prohibit your users from utilizing your published iOS and Android apps for your games as those apps you have published certainly do not meet the criteria of being recognized as a 'common web browser'. It also expressly prohibits your users from using uncommon web browsers, which I think is generally fair to include but not limit to Dooble Browser, U Browser, Coowon Browser, BlackHawk, Beamrise Browser, NetGroove Browser, Epic Browser, QT Web Browser, Browzar Browser, Wyzo Browser, SlimBrowser, Avant Browser, Superbird Browser, Comodo IceDragon Browser, Lunascape Browser, TORCH Browser, Midori Browser, Maxthon Browser, Yandex.Browser, QupZilla Browser, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Pale Moon, Lunascape, NetSurf, any proprietary browser found on a SmartTV, and countless other uncommon web browsers.

    It would be grand if you could update your Terms & Conditions as I do not believe it is your intention that such a significantly large portion of your user base, while otherwise innocent, are clearly in violation of your Terms & Conditions as written, especially where users are using additional programs, scripts, or other supporting tools that are published by TRAVIAN GAMES GmbH such as your iOS and Android apps, which again are by no reasonable definition common web browsers.

    Furthermore, I would be surprised if it is TRAVIAN GAMES GmbH's intention to actually forbid uncommon web browsers which are not malicious and just as reasonable for a common man to use as common web browsers. The term, 'common web browsers,' is also overly vague and relative. If it truly is your intention to forbid uncommon web browsers, it may be in your best interests to stipulate what that means so that your users can make educated choices based on making information available to them before it is left to the courts to decide. For example, the usage share of Opera Browser in September 2017 was 1.3% according to Wikimedia. Relative to the web browsers that lead the usage share, it would be foolish to say then that Opera Browser is 'common'. What is the limit? According to StatCounter, Internet Explorer doesn't even have a usage share of 4%.

    If you expect your Terms & Conditions to be taken seriously by your users, let alone any courts or arbitrators, you should definitely make sure that your users aren't in violation of your Terms & Conditions simply by using your published software.

    Thank you for your time.