Overview map

  • The overview map is useless. Same as on the Europe servers. It is completely useless. Either make it so we can find the resources we're connected to or get rid of it entirely. As it is it serves no purpose.

  • First of all, this is a bug report, a post that tells about the useless tiny map ... it really needs to be improved, that's for sure.
    As Bob says: we need to clearly see the factories/areas connected to (highlighted, different color, ...), so we can make a decision, even if it stays to be tiny.

    Said that, this is, how I make a tiny little use of it, which might help players.
    My first move is to get closer to the screen, before I click on it.
    The mousover texts at least tell me, where I am on that map, and most often I have memorized, if my tracks go there or not.
    So moving the mouse over the factories and towns, I can get an idea of the closest connected factory.
    And then, when I click on one, the big map centers there, and I can see, my tracks (or none of them). As the tiny maps stays open, I can jump around in the area I want to check and find a connected factory. And if I give up, the home button brings me back to my home town.

    Beliebt sein ist eigentlich ganz einfach:

    Man muss nur immer sagen, was die anderen hören wollen.

    Leider liegt mir das so überhaupt nicht.

  • I actually find this little map very helpful and I use it a lot. It gives a perfect overview of the game, all regions, all cities and their levels, all special routes, warehouses and harbours.

    I use it to move quickly around the large map. I wouldn't want it any bigger as I need to see as much of the main map as possible. The little square on the tiny map tells me exactly where I am on the large map.

  • I also think it is more or less useless as it is now.
    - even the old one (classic) was better.

    Maybe a solution would be to make it as a complete (zoomable) Layer, over the play-field ?
    - just like the Region-view (Europe).
    And one click on it closes it again. (behaviour could be selected by options).

    Like this, one can see more, and even see a whole map...