Videos not playing for credit

  • My thinking is that they finally got sick and tired of stuffing around, and got busy with the electric cattle prod! It sent a clear message to the servers that no mucking about was going to be tolerated, and the line has to be towed or else there would be trouble!

    It is working a bit better now, but, it is still going through 4 or 5 false starts before it finally decides to spin up and play, but also have had a couple of 'blank' videos as well. Ideal standard would be to have similar to YouTube load and play. However, that may be stretching the friendship a bit far. :?:

  • Now, after an apparent fix, it is true that ads no longer spin or crash, but only about half of the attempts to watch the ad are successful.

    Another half produce messages:

    1. "No videos are currently available; you therefore receive no special bonus. Try again later." (very, very frequent)

    2. Even though the video definitely played to the end, stopped by itself and BEFORE I'm able to click the x I get the message:

    "Video stopped!
    You have to watch the video through to the end to receive the reward.
    Do you want to restart the video in order to receive the bonus?" (frequent)

    3. Or a strange message: (sometimes)

    "The offer you've selected is no longer available"

    4. Video plays,. gives me the message: "Thanks! Your reward will be paid out shortly", but nothing happens, no reward gets credited no matter how long I wait (very, very frequent)

    5. Error message: "An error has occurred while trying to load the video" (very frequent)

    6. Another odd message: "414 Request-URI Too Long. The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80"

    https: // (space inserted after https: as otherwise it shows here as a link, rather than what showed in the error message)

    Heart of Vegas Slots Casino on the App Store...

    I do have screenshots of all those messages, but have no time to upload them to Photobucket in order to attach them here, so you have to take my word for it for now.

    I'm really getting sick and tired of struggling with those videos to receive the rewards I pay for. It definitely sucks the fun out of the game for me.

  • They appear to work... more or less right.

    For the most part they are still the same vids, but every now and then, I will get "Helen Mirren for L'Oreal" .... and only about 10seconds of it before going to a regular video. Helen's video does not give the bonus, but the second one does. Guess that Helen's is just a quick extra, just in case I wanted some make up. btw, I am a guy with a full beard... Granted, I need all the help I can get, but....


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  • At the moment more than half attempts to watch video give me msg that "No videos are currently available; you therefore receive no special bonus",

    I spend more time trying to get rewards I paid for than actually playing the game. Thank god, it's almost the end of my round, I had absolutely enough of RailNation and its guarantees, promises and obvious incompetence.

  • Ah, more promises. How nice!

    I no longer believe in any promises RN makes.

    ONLY ONE message that would be satisfactory to me, one that would replace ALL other messages I'm getting right now including those I don't get because ad continues to spin or crushes, is:

    "The video might not be available at this time however, you are receiving the following guaranteed bonus you paid for: ..."

    And the bonus is promptly received.

  • Hello,

    Just heard that "no videos currently available" problem might be solved soon, so when things work again, I would really appreciate if someone (Lord Ocryd perhaps?) will share the news here. It's not necessary in any way, but I'd like to tell our marketing people that their fix worked. Fingers crossed!

  • I would think the folks counting the pennies from each successful ad view would REALLY like to here that they are selling ads again. :)

    It is a little hard to believe that I am sitting here reading a thread of upset people angry at the fact that we are unable to watch commercials.

    What we want?
    When do we want them?

    ... errrmmm, but seriously, could y'all hurry up and fix this, I apparently need 50 more gold a week and those advertisements are the only way. :)

  • Everyday, 2:30-3:XX EST video adds totally quit. Pretty black screen, clip #21184, click anywhere, do anything, nothing happens. After an hour or so, videos go back to their erratic, nearly useless normal status.

  • I have a similar problem to Cidron where an actual commercial will start and I get almost all the way through and it goes blank and looks for another video.
    All videos are very slow to load and I watch a circle of spinning dots for longer than I watch the video.
    In particular, when 21059 appears in the top left corner of the video screen, I know I'm going to have a problem.
    If I try to X out and get the play video again screen, I try that and pray it will not land on 21059 again.
    Frequently my screen turns white and the video screen goes to the top left side of screen.
    In my browser address box I now have "Direct Video" displayed and have to exit and restart RN all over from the start.
    Very frustrating and totally unnecessary.
    It has cost me many competitions because I used to watch videos right up to the start of the competition.
    When it freezes up and I have to re-load RN, I often start late and others have got the advantage.
    I download all kinds of video from UTube, TV apps and other places and NEVER have I had problems like this.
    Is RN such a complex program that a simple thing that MSN news has mastered can't be solved in this game????
    I think it is a lapse on the part of RN.

  • Mine is doing the same as seskinore on us102 Grand Central, get a white screen and then it just sits there..have restarted it several times, even cleared browsers history, flash history, updated all that could be updated and still the videos will not work correctly. Oh, I have wrote support several time and my tickets just seem to disappear like you didn't want to hear from me..if you can;t fix the videos then you should compensate us with something that will help...I have spent, well you know how much I have spent,, and it is way on up there to do the videos and all I get is junk..and no please get them fixed so I don;t waste any more money...thanks

    ;) Who knows what Tomorrow will bring:?:

  • I have the same problem with Android and credits not received. I have found that after watching a few, at 35 sec time I might add, they stop giving the credits. I found that if I log out, open RN on a PC and watch a couple at approx 1:15 to 1:30 each and then go back to Android the ads work again for a few more ads before they do not give credit again. Is there an intentional limit set to the number of ads watched on Android?

  • Absolutely NOT! We are stupid enough to PAY for the guaranteed bonuses and in fact the msg I receive is "Thanks! Your reward will be paid out shortly", which is a lie.

    We watch the videos, RN is PAID by the advertisers, but we get NOTHING!

    It's a classic case of fraud, that would not be tolerated in any other business

  • @Samisu It certainly appears that the number top left of teh vid is irrelevant.

    I am now consistantly getting failures on more than one server of the same numer. However, it has different ads appearing and often appears blacked out.

    part of teh issuie appear s to me to be that some of these ads are requiring feedback which we can't give if we can't see the ad!

    Yet it is inconsistant. The same ad will stop with either a play button needing clicked or an X and one one occasion a SKIP. Only visible when the ad is visible.

    I am certain this is a buffer issue in your ad viewer app. It is not the ads themselves unless your advertisers are supplying the same ad requiring different player responses.

    Hopefully the big fixes tomorrow wil resolve this but we are suffering meantime