List with fan sites and channels 2018

  • This was posted in our game chat

    Hi guys, just a gentle reminder from RN. 2.3. We do not allow any links in chat, profile or game forums. Exempt are links leading to domains of Travian Games GmbH and/or affiliated companies.

    Since this is a game forum, the posting of all fansites here should be illegal.

  • Good point @Saintseeker

    The game rules do not allow players to share links in chats, as mentioned in your comment. This rule is to protect players from following random links, and there's no 24/7 moderator checking each separate link through.

    Here on forum on the other hand there's no such rule, and all fan sites or RN related sites are more than welcome here! Good sites or forums about engines... why not!

    If you know of good sites, I'd be happy to add those here in this thread!

  • Hello Guys and Galls,

    I made a fb group called Rail Nation United...
    Join and have fun!!

    Greetings Whatsloezzz (whatsloose ;) )


    Echte mannen eten geen honing! =O
    Die kouwen op bijen!!! :thumbsup:

  • Hey guys,

    i'll would like to present my website about RN. Basically, it's designated for polish players, but some tools are translated in english. In polish version there is a tool to compare trains, a simple RN guide, coupling calculator and more...

    Check the website and give some feedback, thanks :)

    Rail Nation Tools