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  • Hi everyone,

    A couple of players have made or are still busy with creating their own fansite. We would love to see what you have created and make a list with a small description about your fansite. This will increase your visitors as well and you'll help out a bigger group of players sharing your knowledge.

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    Rail Nation Calculator - Made by Sheldon
    Research points calculator & train efficiency calculator. Scroll down for Sheldon's introduction!

    Rail Nation engine compare - Made by Hear Me Roar and GizmoXomziG
    Do you want to know which train is the best for you? Compare the engines in EN, DE, FR or RU languages
    From the same site, you will also find Rail Nation Dictionary, all goods and much more!

    If you made a fansite and you wish to share it with us, please post your site below.

    Do note, the information that is on these sites has been gathered by players and isn't supported by Travian Games. We can't help you if you have questions regarding information or statements made on these fansites

  • hello Samisu
    ok so here comes the introduction .. but not without a history story...

    I began that site , as a Rail Nation beginner, because I wanted to know how far I should level my laboratory, for each era .. so I did that research calculator ..

    researchpoints-calculator : as first you can select if you are a "plus member" or not, then the server speed then the trains, you would like to research, of an era, and you will see how many points you will need , and how high your laboratory should be ..

    train efficency calculator : the 2nd thing you can do on the site is to compare the different trains on different routes with all details you want to.

    a short explanation to compare the trains .. like I m using it .. as an example I want to compare my trains with the trains of somebody who transports the same goods to the town like me. So
    1) I fill in the routes of the factories with the waiting time and best the profit if you get some of the factory or town .. (1 route = all the rails added from start to the factory, so you have to count a
    2) you can select the train of the other guy and put the number of trains he has of that kind , and fill in the hours you want to check the difference of the trains .
    3) click once at "show selected trains" and the tooltip will appear at the bottom , then do the same for your kind and count of trains and upgrades you have installed..

    at the end you can compare the tons of what you will deliver and what the other guy will probably deliver .. in that time period you have choosen

    But this kind of comparing is of course not that accurate , because things changing and so on..

    the 2nd and usually use of the train efficency calculator is that you want to know what train is the best for the actual era .. , well there are not many surprises, but I think all beginner hears in era 2 for example .. "Lynx is the best"...
    well thx to the site I recognized that the Boar and the Elephant are at least same good , but under that era 2 conditions a little better ,... maybe .. well you can find it out on your own ..

    the 3rd use for the efficency calculator is, if you have the train from last era and you would like to know what upgrades you will need on that new train to be at least same good like the old train....

    well this was a long introduction I think
    why I wanted to create it ..
    well it's my hobby to code a little
    it's not my profession , so the code is really hobby like but the most works like it should

    one thing i would like to please you , if some are interested to use it, and there are things wrong translated you can send me a message .. further if anything doesnt work proper ... same, send me a message , and of course if you have any ideas how to improve the site and make it easier to use...

    and sorry Samisu the butterfly is gone .. I wanted to know if old threads change name too, so i changed the butterfly to a little koala bear

    one last thing , I know its not all translated.. but almost , I ll finish to translate it in the next days .

    oh and here again the site , the original is in german so there are still some german words on it

    Rail Nation Calculator

    thx for reading and excuse my bad english

  • hello again

    I'm sorry I did not notice that the english version was not running proper ..
    I repaired it and made everything uptpdate ... also the trains to the new values ...

    I also translated to french .. just don't know how to post sth in french forum can't find it
    maybe Samisu can help me.
    my french is not good i translated with ingame names and google ^^ so could be some things wrong

    the english version is by the way at this link together with the other versions

    Rail Nation Zugeffizienz Rechner

    Sorry again

  • Thanks for that tool @Sheldon ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ, I loved it the first time around, and I'm sure I'll spend some time using it again with the new trains. ;)

    Here is the french forum Comparateur de trajets par Sheldon

    I posted it under "tutorials", I hope you will go and talk a bit about it so that people can thank you directly there !

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • hi sacroima
    thanks a lot for your help
    well one thing , pls write here or in the other forum the french one if there is something not working properly, I m using usually the german version
    and programing it i did not think to translate it thats why it now can make some problems .. but i m after to repair them.

    yes I will write some info .. i m also searching for somebody who can tell me what I wrote wrong .. translated by google .. so ...

    I m also working at the moment on the site to keep it running so possible that you need to press CTRL & F5 for new version

    thx again and good luck

  • hello me gain ..
    Stubaski i translated the page to italian ..
    I hope its not too much wrong ...
    so if you still want to help end me a message with the changes , its all done by google so there could be some wrong words ..

    ah yeah i could not find the names of the new passenger trains .. so i kept the french names ..

    and thank you for your help

    oh yeah you can find the page here
    Rail Nation Zugeffizienz Rechner

  • Sorry mate, I work 2 jobs, I struggle to find time for myself, I wasn't really expecting such a quick turnaround :P

    Will have some time tomorrow in between jobs, will give it a good pass, in the while, many thanks to Stregatta for the train names.

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  • its no problem

    I did not want to set you under pressure ... just dont hurry otherwise I would feel bad...
    EDIT:I noticed a problem with the upgrade buttons .. some switched more then wanted .. it s allready corrected , the values in the green tooltip shows always the values the site is calculating with to be sure you can compare them to ingame values ... sorry for that

  • Up top

    pista in hex
    tracce in hex

    Era 3 tab


    Era 6 tab (German only in era 6, all other issues are for all tabs)

    the selector on the right hand side displays in German


    cancella i treni contrassegnati
    mostra i treni segnati

    ricorda le mosse segnate
    rimuovi i treni mostrati

    This should be it, I'll give it another look if I manage to catch some sleep.

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  • ok thank you a lot
    i ll change it now

    good night then

    EDIT : changed it if you like you can post a link to the site in italian forum ... i don't know how to get there ....
    EDIT2: i forgot to say, that its know possible to describe the train schedules with pictures of goods , i think no one uses it but it was fun to build it into the site .. ^^

  • I don't know myself where the Italian forum is, I live in England and play in English :P

    I'll review the changes in the next couple of days and find where is the more appropriate place to post it.

    What's the deal with that pictures of good thing? o_O

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  • ehm my english ist not that good .. goods like stuff you drive with the train

    here it is .
    Click the red marked buttons and you can set up your schedule's name to pictures ..



    after that you can choose for the schedule you clicked the image of some images .. click then save and its all ...
    ehm its not the best layout .. but i ll change it the next days to fit on smaller screens .. .