What determines passenger demand?

  • I notice that sometimes my passenger trains going over a route that initally starts out at 0% occupy goes up to 100% or more in an hour or less, and sometimes can go on for 8 hours or more without increasing route usage dramatically. What determines the demand for passengers for a given route? Some factors that I can think of that may or may not have an effect are:

    1. distance between stations (is there more demand for nearby stations than faraway stations?)
    2. City level
    3. How quickly trains do a route: for example, since I got Minerva in my current game, routes get full usage very rapidly. But I put my bonus trains on a separate route and they can often go a lot longer --- in this case, there may be advantages to using slower trains (like Talos) vs. fast trains (like Minerva).


  • The revenue of passenger transports will be calculated individually for each route. There are 2,450 different revenues in total, all changing once per hour. The revenue amount here depends on both the distance between two cities and the route’s occupancy rate. The city levels also play a role in the calculation of the occupancy rate. Generally, it is worth using your trains on routes that are not on the radar of other players.


    Finally in the game: passenger transports and the museum - Rail Nation Blog