Communications - a total disaster!

  • I type this in english - even if it is about a German server:

    The De05 Kurbelwelle just entered the Endgame, with a totally unusable communications-system!

    The Posts in the Forums are not visible after posting, and the chat is -as usual- acting a bit erroneous ... (normal)
    - The solution for the invisible Forum-posts is to close the window and reopen it. Sometimes once is not enough.

    This was certainly a very bad timing for a bug like this to happen...
    An endgame, where one can't give calls properly, or even communicate with fellow callers, is not really a functional endgame, is it?

    S-h-a-m-e on you, Railnation-Team.
    You can do better than that.


  • Feedback (and shame) received :!:

    Let's hope this gets fixed before any other game world reaches end game. This issue is known, and people are working on it.

    We can do better, absolutely. Thank you for your feedback!

  • A month later and this bug is still not fixed...any news yet?

    Hi Big Mumma,

    Could you describe the bug a bit more? I hear there can be messaging system problems on classic but not on other scenarios. You can also contact the game support as they can see all the helpful technical information of your game world and avatar.

  • After the latest 'rebalancing' of servers, we got a brand new splash screens and some cosmetic changes in the msg system (like darker green dot for players online and a new "gameworld" icon), but the message system got worse, a total disaster!

    Not only I get blank screens,

    • My messages have to be typed into a blue button on the left that says: "New message" in white, it's difficult to see and the entire msg has to be typed into one line only, no 'return' provided.
    • I get notifications of receiving msgs from Lord Ocryd, (that's me) but then the msg with notification is blank.
    • There is all kinds of mixups. Several times I was able to READ msgs NOT addressed to me! Those were clearly msgs written to or from the players I was communicating with at the time, but were not meant for me.
    • Often there is NO notification of new msgs or notifications when there is NO new msg.
    • My keyboard pops up every single time I click the msg icon to READ the msgs, preventing me from READING the msgs unless I make an additional click to get rid of it.

    Those are just few most annoying or bizarre. Our Endgame is starting in 2 days, communication at this time is essential!

  • We just entered the Endgame where communication is essential and both the msg system and the chat are an absolute chaotic mess.

    Posts appear and disappear, blank screen is a new norm. Msgs sent get delivered with 5 hrs delays or not delivered at all.

    On the iOS app EVERY.SINGLE.TIME the previously minimized chat pops up with every single screen change, And of course the keyboard pops up with it as well EVERY.SINGLE.TIME including the lab screen!!! Half the screen of keyboard interferes with every move I want to make and has to be manually closed EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!!

    So is the chat panel! I want it closed, eliminated from my screen permanently, it's useless, defective and its presence interferes with the game and it is used mostly by trolls. I don't even recall seeing anything useful posted there ever. Except maybe Samisu's reminders about some cute contests on the forum, but most of us don't want or need to be distracted from the game and his msgs were already received through the regular msg system!

    I know that this post will achieve nothing, no improvements to anything, nobody cares, nobody seems to be reading our posts except Samisu. RN is a useless entity that has no business to be in the gaming business! Gaming can be very profitable indeed when done right, and many totally incompetent people jump on the wagon, RN is one of them.

    Many excuses that we hear about the complexity of the game and its depth is a total nonsense. If you are not competent enough to deal with a complex game don't offer it for sale, don't increase prices, but pay players instead to test your broken game and help you to learn how to make it profitable for you!!!