THE RAVEN'S PEAK - Tales From the Ghost Train

  • Please gather around. Samisu is going to tell you a story.

    This one is a true story - and everything I’m about to tell you should stay between us. Forever. *evil laughter*

    The story is called:


    Homer’s up!

    Mom yelled from the kitchen as I walked down the stairs, engine dust still in my eyes. That’s a nickname my parents gave me ever since I always wanted to eat in front of the TV. But why did I have to be Homer? I was, like, the smallest kid in class.

    Homer’s up? Please mom, can I be Bart, just once?

    No, said mom. Now come on, I’ve made your favorite, waffles with soy plum,' she continued.

    'Yummy mom, I love soy plums! But sorry mom, I need to run to school. It’s the last day before Fall break and I have Latin!'

    I’m so proud of you Homer, you’re the only kid who so joyfully yells ‘I have Latin!’'

    'I know mom! I just love it when I have Latin class.' I quickly grabbed one of mom’s soy plums and closed the door behind me.

    Soy plums? Really? I believe not even one of you has tasted these yummy delicacies? Dried plums soaked in soy sauce overnight. Let me get a jar! …I think I just left a clue for you there. Ears open! I’ve hidden eight engine names in this story, and there’s 5 more to go!

    On my way to school, a flock of black birds flew over.
    'I’m Raven, I’m Raven!' – The birds yelled at me. Crazy birds, or are they...

    Nooooooo. Breathe in. Nooooooo. it’s been 15 minutes already and our Latin teacher Mrs. Wunderbaum is still not here! I hear the familiar sound again…

    'I’m Raven! I’m Raven!' THUMP!

    Nooooooo, a black bird just hit our classroom’s window! That surely is a bad omen, I thought. I should have Latin but teacher is nowhere to be found, and the birds are acting weird.

    Our school’s principal soon appears to classroom’s door and asked for 'neat help with the birds.' It appeared our school was surrounded by dead birds... I agreed to help, since my mom always told everyone how neat help I was around the house.

    'Homer’s up already, he’s such a neat help!' - Gosh mom, I miss you and your soy plums already

    Ehm. Back to the story.

    So, there I am with 4 other neat help kids on our school yard ready to start picking up those dead birds. Suddenly I hear an ambulance, and a police car, and a fire truck!

    'What’s going on!?' I scream at other kids.

    The principal approaches us, running, and gasped. ‘I’m so sorry. I know how much you loved to have Latin, but your Latin teacher Mrs. Wunderbaum has been POISONED!

    'POISONED?!' I screamed. 'POISONED?! How can you be sure?' I asked the principal.

    There was some white foam coming from her mouth. She was found lying on the bathroom floor covered in black feathers; all the mirrors and windows were shattered. It was like she had really been struggling painfully and it was some time before her death. One raven’s beak was sticking from her eye socket.'

    The other kids started to cry, and I stood there just wondering - hey Mr Principal, we’re not even in the 3rd grade yet!

    ‘Now now children, no need to cry,’ the Principal continued. ‘We must muster hope! I’m sure Mrs. Wunderbaum had a lovely and happy life teaching Latin to you all. Please children, muster hope. That’s all I ask of you. Muster hope.’

    Then and there I suddenly remember I have a soy plum in my pocket! That was all I needed to muster hope! So mushy!

    The School day was nearly over, and this is clearly not the best way to start our Fall break. One important looking man yelled ‘Coroner’s hi’ as he came out from the school’s main gate. 'Case was clear,' I hear that’s when detectives yell the famous ‘Coroner’s hi’ and slap their hands together up in the air.

    Coroner’s hi! I wish I could do it one day like the cool big boys and girls!

    With hope mustering soy plums in my pocket, I did not have Latin anymore. The Teacher had been poisoned and the case was clear. Or was it?

    'Homer’s up!' Yelled mom again the next morning. The morning’s newspaper had a picture of the important looking men coroner’s hi slap in the air. The headline said: Latin teacher POISONED.

    Or was she?

    Rumours say that Mrs. Wunderbaum's last words were ‘I’m Raven’…

    - The End -

    Or is it?

    There are eight familiar engine names hidden in the story. Who's going to crack the code? Who's going to find them all? Who's going to win some Gold? I have no idea! ...or do I?

    Please, write your answers in this thread. And if you know what really happened to Mrs. Wunderbaum, please give the story a true ending!

    Good luck, or not! It's Halloween!

  • It is the RAVEN X 8

    THE RAVEN'S PEAK - Tales From the Ghost Train

    Raven, I’m Raven
    I’m Raven! I’m Raven!
    One raven’s beak
    ‘I’m Raven’…

  • Minerva, Leviathan, Poseidon, Rhinoceros, Olympus, Morpheus, Prometheus, Elephant

    In order
    Minerva, Poseidon, Olympus, Morpheus, Rhinoceros, Prometheus, Leviathan, Elephant

    Homers up - Morpheus
    soy plum - Olympus
    I have latin - Leviathan
    I'm raven - Minerva
    neat help - elephant
    poisoned - poseidon
    muster hope - prometheus
    coroners hi - rhinoceros

    Did I won!? :)

  • Please remember to post your answer only once to avoid confusion ;) ...and good luck everyone :)

    The truth is, no one knows what really happen to Mrs. Wunderbaum. You see, after they arrived at the coroners, they discovered her body was missing from the van, ravens beak along with it and not a drop of blood to be seen. It was as if she had never been in the van transporting her body at all, the only give away was a deep etching on the inside of the door, made with something sharp, what looked like a beak maybe...
    It read...
    "The Ravens are coming am I,
    for come this All Hallow's Eve, look to the sky,
    when darkness falls, and the sky turns red,
    you will see me flying, and the sight will fill you with dread,
    for I now, am one with the night,
    ravens as my minions, we intend to give you a fright!"

    Well, that cannot really be true now ...can it? :evil: