Creepy railway facts and mysteries

  • Let's start a thread for creepy railway facts and mysteries. Got any favorites? Here's four to start with, and I quoted a short teaser from each site just before adding the link ;) If you have local sources, you can give a short description of what the link is all about. Here we go :thumbup:

    'It was a train wreck…and something much more. It was a carefully planned event, offering smashing entertainment, but not like anything found in, say, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. It was trains gone wild, nothing short of a late 19th-century reality show.' Crush's Locomotive Crash Was a Monster Smash | HistoryNet

    'Jesús García was the railroad brakeman for the train that covered the line between Nacozari, Sonora, and Douglas, Arizona. On 7 November 1907 the train was stopped in the town and, as he was resting, he saw that some hay on the roof of a car containing dynamite had caught fire. The cause of the fire was that the locomotive's firebox was failing and sparks were going out from the smokestack. The wind blew them and got into the dynamite cars. García drove the train in reverse downhill at full-steam six kilometers out of the town before the dynamite exploded, killing him and sparing the population of the mining town.' Jesús García - Wikipedia

    'The Gerrards Cross ghost train is one of several ethereal services that wend their eerie way around Britain's rail network, almost unknown to the public and running mostly empty, since they operate at deliberately inconvenient times – often offering their passengers no prospect of getting home again.' The hunt for Britain's ghost trains | The Independent

    'On October 9, 1995, 60 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Amtrak’s “Sunset Limited” passenger train jumped the track going 50 mph. Four cars plunged more than 30 feet off a trestle into a dry riverbed. One person was killed and scores injured. The cause of the wreck: sabotage.' Amtrak Crash - Unsolved Mysteries

  • Deep in the hills of Clark County Arkansas just south west of Little Rock near the town of Gurdon, there is a phenomenon that has been witnessed by hundreds, yet there is no explanation for what people have described as "spook lights" which is a common term for strange unexplained lights that have been witnessed by many. Strange lights are actually common around the world and some refer to them as "will-o-the-wisp" or "fairy lights" among others. They seem to mostly occur in wet areas or bogs after the sun has gone down.

    Southeastern Ghosts and Hauntings: Phantom Brakeman of Gurdon, Arkansas (Gurdon Spook Lights)

    Personally have seen this, quite eerie.

  • Through a small isolated village in West Virginia called ‘Silver Run,’ runs a stretch of railroad track which is famous for repeated sightings of a female specter.
    According to an eye witness account from a 19th century engineer, the ghost of Silver Run is real. One night, while the engineer was doing his midnight run, he came around a bend and was approaching tunnel #19.
    Suddenly, he saw a girl with ‘pitch-black hair and bloodless skin,’ who was wearing a light colored gown, standing at the entrance to the tunnel.
    The man was afraid that the girl may have been a sleep walker from one of the near-by homes. He gave it all he could to stop the train, meanwhile the girl never looked at him or took notice of him.
    The train neared closer and closer, an impact was imminent and unavoidable. However, at the last second the girl screamed and shot straight into the air.......

    The Ghost of Silver Run