Technical problems October 30th 2017

  • Due to a technical problem, some of our game worlds are currently unavailable. We are working on a solution to this problem and will inform you as soon as we are getting close to finding one.

    We are very sorry about this situation and kindly ask for your understanding.

  • Dear gamers,

    Unfortunately we can't give you an estimated time yet when the servers are back online. We at Travian Games had big problems with our servers today, making Rail Nation and other games unreachable. Our technical team is working hard to get the servers back online as soon as possible.

    Of course, this failure today is extremely annoying for everyone. In the next few days we will give you all a suited large compensation.

    Also, the new series for the Neptune will be credited to each of you for free.

    Servers that were supposed to start their endgames today will, as soon as the servers are back online, automatically start their endgames.

    As you may have already seen in the emails - that unfortunately we could not stop anymore - a flash sale should take place today. As planned, this will be active until tomorrow 14 UTC+1, as soon as the login is possible again.

    Further updates we will provide you here and on Facebook.

    Best regards and we apologies for the inconvenience.

    Your Rail Nation Team

  • Dear railroaders,

    the provider outage yesterday caused some consequential errors for Rail Nation. With a little delay, the new PLUS account feature is now available: You will get 2 lottery tickets with every purchase of the PLUS account.

    In some cases, the reward of the second lottery ticket isn’t credited without a refresh. We’re digging into this issue and will fix it as soon as possible. Until then, please refresh the game to get your reward.

    We apologise for any inconvenience and will compensate you by the end of this week!

    Full steam ahead!
    The Rail Nation team