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  • Where do we find the strategy threads?
    I'm not seeing much here about advanced game play strategy. Am I not looking in the right place? ?(

    Hello RR,

    Guides & Tutorials forum section has a guide for beginners, and now we have to wait for someone to write deeper strategy guides there. Could you start the first one ^^ ?

    Fansites some fan sites are still running and working.

    You can also try Googling for Rail Nation Game FAQ, Rail Nation Wiki or search Youtube for tutorial videos.

  • one thing I have learned is building your engine houses and closer to the end game switch what you are hauling more to get the best price for hauled goods and a good Caller helps when leveling cities and Landmarks :)

  • Tracks are not individually priced. The more track you lay, the more it costs until you cap out at 2.5 million per track. I believe this is reached at track 75. However, when you connect track leading to a new city, you will be charged an additional fee for connecting to that city. I hope this helps.

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  • Where do we find the strategy threads?
    I'm not seeing much here about advanced game play strategy. Am I not looking in the right place? ?(

    not sure I have seen any threads on advanced strategies, however, I have always found it best to ask specific questions, either in game or on forum. Rail Nation is one of the most cordial games I've ever played and people in game tend to be very helpful.

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  • Could I ask a question of strategy re Gold. As a newbie, I see lots of temptations like Starter Pack and lottery. Usually you spend early on in a game and regret later? What are the best ways to spend? Thanks

  • Hey 1MSA, it depends on what you want to achieve, and for how much.

    Personally, I find that, on the long run, you can sustain a PLUS account, buying the 5 and 10 gold lottery tickets from the videos, as well as the starter pack and the super PACK during the endgame (for the start of the next round), and not lose gold from round to round. But I am pretty active in the game, watching quite a lot of videos. So, the 10 gold lottery tickets might be too much, if you want to be sustainable.

    Then, you have what I call the "second class" of gold investments, the 15 gold lottery tickets and the beginning of era PACKS. Those are more expensive, you will lose gold buying them. But they give you other advantages (meaning, a lot of $ in the game, or faster researches, which equals $). I personally buy them when I want to go for a high ranking. But you will have to buy gold, no question. Something like 1500-2'000 gold for the whole 3 months of game.

    And finally, the latest options, the 20 gold tickets, the paxs investments for 25 gold each, the different vouchers you can pay for, and so on. Those I never buy, because once you start, you will end up paying tons of gold. It is actually how you buy your way to top1, but it's pretty expensive, and you still have to know how to use the advantages you gain with the gold, to transfer them to prestige, to achieve that top1. But it can cost up to 1000gold a week, once you get started and cannot stop.

    So my advice is : PLUS account, 5 gold lottery ticket, super PACK, starter pack if you know how to optimise it and eventually 10 gold lottery tickets. ;)

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  • I agree with sacroima, good tips..

    Plus account give you the most value for your gold. In the early era's it gives you a chance to build 2 buildings. In later era's it is helpfull most because in setting and saving schedules for your trains. changing 11 or 15 trains in era 2 and 3 can be a bit of a pain without plus if you have to change alle of them.

    In your first and second round sustaining a plus account with gold can be difficult, but once you learned the gameplay a bit and are on your third round on a server you should startout with some gold won based on your rank in previous rounds

    buying lotterytickets for 25 gold is in the long run not so profitable.. the price can be nice in the moment but in the long run plus account is a big improvement on game play and enjoying the game. and on top of the daily free lotterytickets there are a lot of chances to win extra free lottery tickets or buy them cheap when you watch bonusvideo's that are activated if you have plus account.

  • It is pretty easy to make gold,albeit time consuming :

    Start on a server,don't spend any gold.

    Build engineshed.Buy trains.Login once a day to re-schedule(if needed) and repair.Rinse and repeat for 6 eras.

    Do this for a couple of rounds and you have a stack of gold 8o

    Don't waste gold on plus at all.Just go on a other server(same localization and type as your current server) do the tutorial,buy plus with the tutorial rewards,then go to tranfer gold and delete your char.After 3 days you can collect the remaining days of plus.You can also (unactively) play the whole round and also get your prestige turned into gold at a 100 to 1 ratio.Easy 400+ gold,way more if you're active enough to farm prestige in the endgame.Then buy plus and transfer that.



    I only found out recently about this silly gold4prestige and transfering plus system because i had a long haitus playing(we didn't have this in the past) but now i am cashing in :D

    Who cares about inflation (of gold AND "active"players)?.....Travian surely doesn't :evil:

  • Support has told me the Gold transfer only works if you have bought at least 1 Gold otherwise you can't transfer anything.

    So either you think you are cashing in, and have yet to discover it will fail

    Or Support got it wrong and Ihave been denied the transfre of many weeksof plus Ihad converted my won Gold into.

    Or RN have changed the transfer function to deny us the ability to transfer plus without boughht Gold without telling us.

    Something isclearly wrong here as Iwas told teh same thing by several players.

  • Here is a copy of information in game, when player taps on 'Transfer Gold':
    (If nothing will be transferred, player will get a red warning message as in the image below)

    You can transfer your Gold to other game worlds if you delete your avatar on this game world.

    You can only transfer purchased Gold and only the full amount at once. Plus Account and researcher will only be transferred if at least 1 Gold can also be transferred.

    Gold can only be transferred to game worlds of the same country.

    It takes three days to delete your avatar. Once these three days have passed, you can collect the transferred Gold on other game worlds of the same country.

    To collect the Gold, pull up the same screen on the other game world and select the tab 'Collect transferred Gold'.

    Upon the restart of the game world, your Gold will automatically be credited to you if you register for that game world again. If you wish to transfer your Gold after the end of a game round, please register for the same game world again upon its restart and transfer it from there.

    If Travian Games closes a game world, your Gold will be saved automatically and you can collect it from other game worlds of the same country. If the only game world of a country is closed, you can collect your Gold from all other game worlds.

  • I dont agree with you. Your method requires a lot of real time. You can earn 2k+ (and a lot of plus days) in half of round if you know how to do it (but it depends on your online as well).

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