Unable to sit

  • I have an intermittent problem when I try to sit an account of another player.

    On my iPad after I confirm that yes, I do want to sit an account, the game freezes.

    On PC after I confirm that yes, I do want to sit an account, the screen goes black in 2 different browsers.

    There are no error messages.

    Deleting and reloading the app does not help, neither does clearing the cache, rebooting the computer and doing all things that we suppose to do when we have a problem.

    I contacted Support weeks ago, apparently they're not able to replicate the problem. I was told to wait as sometimes the loading is slow. I waited up to 30 mins and nothing happens. Not sure how long I suppose to wait. If I have to wait more than 30 mins there is obviously a bug that needs fixing.

    It does not always happens, but often enough to be considered a serious bug.

    Does anyone else have or had the same problem and found the solution?

    Perhaps almighty Samisu can use his magic touch and help me with this problem.

  • Does anyone else have or had the same problem and found the solution?

    The only solution is to try it over and over again, sry

    we have some reports in the german part of this forum too; it is "labeled" RN2018-1825

    the game can crash when entering sitter-mode and when leaving it

    (german report (tech. supp. answer in # 14))

  • Thanks Hardi, it somehow feels better to know that I did not imagine the bug as Support led me to believe.

    It's very frustrating to hear again and again that problems encountered in the game are browser problems and now also iPad problems and only occasionally game bugs.

  • I narrowed down a bit this problem, I think

    As I said it's intermittent issue. I noticed that very, very frequently I'm not able to sit when we have a worker and I want to take advantage of that worker for the player I sit.

    For example, it's almost impossible to sit when we have a 'track worker'. Not sure what's the connection, perhaps the way it's layered.

  • I continue to have this problem. I have two players to sit for and I'm not able to sit any of them, the game freezes the moment I confirm that yes, I do want to sit.

    Right now we have no workers, I keep refreshing and trying for a while and freezes every single time.

    Please fix it for havens sake!

  • I also met the black screen of death while attempting to sit: it seems to depend on the version of flash. I can't get it to work with the latest version, and I have to stick with version 26 or less

  • I have been experiencing the same thing but support doesn't understand my problem.
    It is not every time but it is frequent.
    I have to refresh my computer and try again.
    I have tried again 18 times and it still doesn't work so I give up and try again later.
    Sometimes it is working then and sometimes not.
    Please fix it --- you should be making enough off gold sales, plus accounts, etc. to hire a programmer that can solve a basic problem that only started recently.