Investment feed Suggestion

  • Hey guys,

    So the biggest issue I have recently identified with gameplay across multiple servers is the inability to identify who has made recent investments for industries. It becomes a major point of contention for many different players about "who just broke the majority" of an industry, and the blame game goes on for quite a while in which I have seen players leave the game over it because they just cant take the abuse of being blamed for something they may/may not of done.

    What I suggest is that with later versions of the game is that a 3rd tab be added aside the single player and association breakdown of investments which can be in the form of a feed that simply lists investments in chronological order and most importantly labels when a majority was broken/formed, making it easy to figure out where majorities were broken, when they were formed and can give players valuable insight on whether the person is a repeat offender, a new player who broken by accident or multiple investments done at the same time (especially before competitions).

    Right now, all majority holders have got is a message stating the majority has been broken and a list of investors in which it is usually quite difficult to identify the culprit of a majority break (its not always the person who invested the most).

    Let me know what people think, I'm sure the idea could use some tweaking.

  • Hi Bman2017,

    Sounds like a little too much pressure on those early big spenders who are always careful not to take the majority. I have forwarded your wish and if anything else comes to mind (to you or anyone else), please share your ideas. It's really good to hear how game mechanics are affecting the social aspects of Rail Nation, so thank you!

  • Probably a good idea to fix this would be to modify the system message "Due to investments of other players, your association has lost the majority in the industry" by naming the player who caused this message to be created, others who invest after this are innocent of breaking majority.

    I have seen players break majorities and they have investment ratings in the top 10 and transports in the 400+ range so maybe also have the rule that a player must be connected and have transported some goods from that factory to be able to invest in that industry to balance this.

  • My feeling is that this will encourage the very kind of witch hunt you're trying to avoid.

    The following comments refer to the Classic game as that is the one I play most and know.

    Protected majorities are to my view a controversial element. They makes complete sense when two cities find themselves needing to use the same industries for goods because sites are limited. It also makes sense when there is more than one association in a city to come to an agreement about hauling and therefore about majorities.

    However, there is an individual element to this game also … are you, for instance, really asking players to allow someone else to win a hauling comp for gold just because that person has the majority when they could invest and gain that advantage themselves?

    And incidentally winning those gold comps (along with the odd lottery gold bonus and log-in bonus) is, for many players, a way towards being better equipped as team players not just as individuals.