cargo bonus engine competitions

  • To make the game a bit more competative, the competitions where you can win a cargo bonus engine perhaps should only be available to players that do not already own that engine, or, if the winner of that competition already has that engine, the engine goes to the next highest placed entrant that does not already own it, this would stop players that have the extra advantage from preventing others from gaining this engine by competition, and thus creating more competition to the players that pay to win.

  • Or maybe we can make it a little bit more interesting for players who have already this cargo bonus engine => give them chance to win free update for this engine?

    Or it can be completely new challenge, opportunity to win such free update.

  • As the cargo Bonus engine CAN give a massive advantage to a player in a competition I vote teh engine is still given to a runner up even if teh first placed player gets an upgrade for theirs.

    That way both players can enjoy the benefits of winning the elusive engine or upgrades and score their competition win in relavent achievement counters.