End Game Strategy

  • So, being new to the game and in the middle of my first few rounds - I have yet to see the 'end game'. I understand only the top 10 cities make it? so does no-one else get to participate? whats the general thought if your city isn't going to make it....is it considered 'OK' to change home cities on the last day of era 6? will that even work?

    Just looking for a little of what to expect.

    Playing USA scenario.

  • It is not only okay, it is necessary if you want to end in the higher ranks.

    Many people like to play in one city the entire game, but the single city game is much like a game of Highlander... There can be only one... Only one player that makes enough prestige from that city to score well.

    To score well, you will need to branch out and connect many cities. By endgame, you will need to connect any endgame city like to close out 10 RGs. I used to connect all 10, but found that to be a waste as many endgame cities just give up/were never equipped for endgame.

    My suggestion for any player who has never played end game is connect to the number 1 or number 2 city in your game. Those cities will start discussing endgame strategies on the city forum. But no matter what, they will be organized and teach some aspects of the game.

  • First, to clear up what might be a misconception (I can't tell for sure based on the way you worded the question, but it's worth throwing this out there)... EVERYONE still gets to PLAY during the Endgame, no matter what. You won't just be suddenly kicked out of the game just because you aren't connected to a city that will compete in the final race for goods.

    Second, you CAN deliver goods to a Megacity (what those cities turn into) and get prestige without setting that city as your home - this means that you can deliver to more than one Megacity during Endgame. The key point here is that if your home city wins the Endgame, you get more bonus prestige (10k) than if the game is won by a city you're just connected to (5k). If you're not connected to the winning city, you won't get any bonus prestige.

    Third, I definitely agree with BaconSeed - if you've never seen an Endgame in action, you definitely should connect to at least one city that will be part of the competition, even if you can't develop your tracks well enough to deliver much to it. Doing this gives you a great opportunity to learn how things work.

    Fourth, Steam over Europe city participation is determined slightly differently than the other scenarios. For Classic and USA, only the top 10 cities will compete in the Endgame. For SoE, though, every region is guaranteed a place in the Endgame - this means that if the region doesn't have a top 10 city, then its highest ranked city will still compete. So there are a minimum of 10 cities for an SoE Endgame, and a maximum of 18 (if 2 regions dominate the top 10 with all 5 of their respective cities, then each of the 8 other regions will still have their guaranteed spot, totaling 18).

    Lastly, feel free to look over a doc I made a while back for my own team at the time. Please note that it's for Classic, and hasn't been updated with new info in at least 6 months (possibly longer, I honestly forget). Also realize that it was based on strategy used by my own team, so those parts may not translate to wherever you're playing. Still, there's a lot of info packed into the doc and should help give you an idea of what to expect. :)

    RN Library ~ Endgame (Classic) - Google Docs