New patch on its way v.

  • Patch v4.4.0.0

    The new patch is on its way to the servers and, besides the two new features, it includes a wide range of bug fixes. For now, here's an overview of the most important new content in the patch. A full list of all bug fixes will be published in the coming days. But what we can already say is that the new update includes more than 100 major bug fixes and a lot of small adjustments.



    During the endgame and the cool-down period afterwards, you have the chance to pre-register with your association for the next game round. This will allow all registered players to start back in their beloved association right in the first era of the new game round. The home city can be pre-selected too. At the start of the new game round, you can then see straight away which of the pre-registered players are already registered on the server.

    New worker (only for new game rounds):

    Era 1/2: Fiorello LaGuardia
    Era 3/4: Willy Brandt
    Era 5/6: Sadiq Khan

    These workers reduce the cost of connecting to a city by 30%.

    Instant reactivation of trains from the museum:
    There is now an option to reactivate trains from the museum directly for a small amount of Gold.

    Major bug fixes (Classic):
    - Players no longer get stuck with William's tasks
    - The train list no longer becomes unusable in certain circumstances
    - City and association forums as well as private messages are displayed correctly again

    Major bug fixes (Europe and USA):
    - A number of display errors have been fixed (e.g. track costs, in city competitions, with megacities, etc.)
    - Chat and forum issues have been resolved (e.g. topics can now be deactivated again)
    - The game no longer crashes when sitting for a fellow player

    The complete list with all bug fixes will be posted in the coming days.

    Enjoy your game.
    Your Rail Nation Team