Pre-registration feature

  • Yes, I do like the concept of this new feature, we just need to see its implementation.

    It would be nice to hear from players in the Endgame right now, In another thread it was reported by the player in the EG that the feature cannot even be found?

    It would also be nice for this feature to be explained officially and clearly and not left to our interpretations and our individual understanding and thinking.

  • Answers coming :) - just added this info to the Pre-reg FAQ:

    How do I pre-register?
    Just like with the starter package, there will be an icon (with a pencil) in the upper right corner. After you tap on the icon, you will get to the pre-registration window. This icon only appears during the endgame.

  • So to Quote Samisu from another thread :

    Great! but I don't have the icon you speak of in EG on Golden Gate. What am I missing? Does the chair of the corp need to open it up first? Detailed instructions would be great. That seems to be the biggest thing this game lacks. How-To's.

  • Pre-registration is the best that has happened to the game in many many years.
    I love how I as a leader can plan not only one round, but many rounds ahead. We stay together as a team and do not have to spend all our money in era 1-2 to get the level of HQ to get players in. And not to mention, having to start in 3 different cities due to overcrowding.
    The pre-reg earns the corp the right to stay together from the beginning, with no extra cost. I just love that.