New User Interface for Classic servers.

  • I have played this game for quite a while and I enjoy seeing the new changes. I have primarily been playing on Classic servers the whole time but just recently started playing SOE and I play both on PC as well as Mobile. In talking with several people in COM3 Smoke Chamber it was pretty much a general agreement that while we dearly love the Classic scenario, some of the features of SOE which are also seen on Classic when using Mobile would be awesome on the PC version. Mostly what we would like to see is the schedule assistant. This makes moving trains around so much easier. SOE and the Mobile App are just so much more intuitive. Thank you.

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  • For those Classic players yet to try the new interface. Ican coonfirm everything Roadkill is saying and would emphasisee the Scheduler.... with a Plus account the scheduler allows you to quite quickly produce complex integrated routes and these can be saved as sets. This is great for when you are entering a competiton and need to get back to the previous configuration. Additionally it can help you find teh goods to add in either, infront or after, your main schedule.

  • There is a (first) version of the new Classic- szenario on PTR3

    (as far as I know there is no restriction for entering the PTR- servers any more (maybe the "one star" rule is still active, but that should be no problem for most of us) ; just switch to "ptr" at; register and see the news "first hand"

    There is a PTR-forum as well for closer contact to the developers)