Some Questions

  • Hello!

    It's a while I'm playing this game, but everyday I try to play, seems like I discover new "bad" things about it. And all of them are related to players.

    So, I'd like to know if some of these things are considered "normal" or it's just me being an unlucky noob.

    1. Is that normal that people doesn't answer Private Messages, like, doesn't even talk to you, and you have to talk to somebody else that you know knows that person in order to get in touch?
    2. Is that normal that someone invests 4 million in a single vital Industry for your Association, in Era 3, just to not even deliver a single ton of that Good to the city? Just to put your finances and your Association in the worst possible spot?
    3. Why people thinks that being into an Association means doing politics? I was genuinely surprised when people told me that they didn't want to know or take part in anything because they don't want to do Association politics. Wait what? Isn't this supposed to be a game?
    4. Why people joins an Association if, in the first place, they don't want to be part of it? Like, totally and completely ignoring decisions made by the Chair, investing absolutely nothing, not even trying to help. Just minding their own business. I thought being part of an Association meant to at least be part of it. Seems like nowadays it's worth nothing.

    5. Unrelated question, but what's the best way to upgrade and assign point to the Career Engine? I'm leveling up, but I can't find the best way to invest the points I have in the Career Engine, and I don't want to bother the support if I make an avoidable mistake.

    That's it, I hope someone will answer, sorry for any grammatical horrors, English is not my native language.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Haricho,

    these are valid questions and I'm sorry to say, these things do happen. Some people would rather play by their own rules and do their own thing. As for joining an association, there are definite drawbacks to being a solo player. Certain things that you can only get from being in an association. As a chair myself, if I see people in my association not helping the city or the association, I message them, if they do not respond, I remove them. If they are in it just for themselves, I remove them. I'm not a harsh chair, in fact, I'm very relaxed but we have rules in order to help us be the best. We dont have a lot of politics.

    Now, your final question regarding Carreer Engine- that is a tough one and its all in what you want your CE to be able to do first. I did some in each category to start with then focused on which Eras I could haul in, that way, even if it isnt the fastest train, it is still always useful.

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  • Well Roadkill has said it all for the most of your question

    For your Career Engine I recommend you upgrade as follows:

    Era 1 Wagons / Acceleration
    Era 2 Wagons / Acc / Speed
    Era 3 Wagons / Acc /Speed

    If youfind your maitainance is a hassle to keep under control use dome points on that

    Some argue speed is more important, however, I disagree. A long slow train with good acceleration reaches its top speed more often than a short fast train with low acc.

    In the first few eras your CE [Career Engine] will start faster than others then lag behind by say era 3. [Lynx] But it will carry a longer load into the station. If youspend your points wisely. Also coupling, whilst desirable, is not going to be important until later inthe game. By then your CE will be shorter ; slower; and less able to accellerate compared with your other trains.

    Many of teh first RG [Required Goods] will be from stations near your City, or City and Landmark. So the runs are short. After era 3 runs get longer and speed MAY become more important than acc as youmight be taking say Boards or Wood to a factory a few tracks away.

    In practice it is unlikely that a player will be able to generate sufficient career points in one round to make upgrading teh coupling worthwhile adn it would soak up many points for little gain. Another wagon is far more useful than the coupling in the ealry stage of teh game and can help youget ahead or at least keep upwith many of the more experienced players.

  • I disagree with CheeseyWaffles on speed upgrades My career engine i bought 1 accel to effectively double it by bringing it from 1 to 2, then maxed wagons to the era 1 limit then brought speed up to 75km. i am just now getting to the point where i wont reach max speed on a run and am going to start spending on accel and reliability until era 2 goods is the cheapest upgrade, then start teh rotation over...wagons, speed, accel, reliabilty , goods. Doing this my CE is currently making as much money, sometimes slightly less, as my fully upgrades falcons in era 1. this is at 7 wagons, 75 km, and currently 4 accel.....but the real kicker was making this kind of money early on when i only had 3 swallows on the track....HUGE starting bonus.

    You have to keep in mind with only 20% reliability your top speed will quickly diminish from 75 to closer to 55-60 on an 8 hour repair cycle.