Let's talk Rail Nation Masters

  • then why some were made newsletter?

    Emails with invites were sent to all 2 (or more) star players as mass post. For reasons unknown, some invites were lost on the way - as those probably hit different spam filters. Each email has their own settings for spam filtering, and unfortunately we can't always push through those. We can keep trying though, but sometimes players themselves need to check how "effective" their spam filters are. Also good to check spam / junk box.

  • Something else to consider for the next masters. How to distribute the talent. Along with no gold purchases you should be unable to choose a city to join. The server should tally up the registered contestants and distribute them across the map based on experience level.

  • You didn't answer (nor post) my question the other day.

    Is this new client on masters going to carry over have all the bugs too?

    Hi HotToddy,

    I'm not sure where your question has been posted or should have been posted? So, thank you for sharing your question here.

    The new client takes the user interface familiar from USA and SoE scerarios, and moves it to Classic. If you find issues that have not yet been addressed in changelogs, please report those to game support. Devs really appreciate all the info they get through support!

    Here are the latest changelogs: USA and SoE version 4.5.0 and Classic version 4.5.0

  • This is from the facebook page on 23/1

    The server on which Rail Nation Masters is running won’t be having any updates or chances during the competition-time to make sure that there are no interruptions.
    Therefore, we will look as closely as possible so that when hiccups occur we can fix them right away.

  • This RNM game will be the ultimate cash cow for the owners of RN, of course its a free internet browser game, its not a charity fund, all costs must be paid to let RN stay alive. It would be fun to see a really Masters with all players have an upgrade account for the duration of the Masters. No Gold buying, just the most addictive players who really set their alarms in the middle of their night time to do a competition or get a good worker. But again that would just give the best players on top and it will costs the owners money.

    Further on, i doubt it if all registered players join, that the server will be stable to play

  • Hello,

    Sadness and deep disappointment for the way they classified the MASTER in the CLASSIC that of the CLASSICO that we are playing in the PT host, nothing has already moved all the places, not even kept the name of the cities.

    This all after having been from the first second trying to make the LOGIN and the Vª page return ERROR constant during the ONE HOUR.

    Just a simple fact of having a new design, with amorphous colors and dubious taste, with displaced and hidden functions, will make the time to discover them and the players familiarize themselves with it will take more of the I a normal round, and obviously impossible to play with the least competitiveness in 50% of the time.

    For the promotion made during that time, I trusted that it would be DIGNA class of the game round, but after all, there is something completely new that I still did not understand who it serves.

    For me, the mountain PARIU A RATO ... .pena and for this, could have avoided the work and the lost time with the sending of my invitations, since an expectation was placed that does not correspond to the reality.

    The players of the classic will only be here as SPECTATORS and obviously I predict that the percentage of PLAYERS WITH RED BALL will be spectacular and the Vª great victory ..

    I think it's going to be a good lesson, if not for not promoting something that does not match, as you can see in the 2 prints that puts here, a current classic on the PT server and another one from the current MASTERS.

    Good luck and I hope that in the next these initiatives are really sensible and worthy of the name.



    Screenshot by Lightshot


    Screenshot by Lightshot




    Tristeza e profunda deceção pela forma como classificaram o MASTER no CLASSICO que do CLASSICO que estamos a joga no sevidor PT, nada tem já que deslocaram tudo dos lugares, nem sequer mantiveram o nome das cidades.

    Isso tudo depois de ter estado desde o primeiro segundo a tentar fazer o LOGIN e a Vª pagina devolver constantes ERROS durante a UMA HORA.

    Só um simples fato de terem colocado um design novo, com cores amorfas e de gosto duvidoso, com funções deslocadas e escondidas, fará com que o tempo para as descobrir e os jogadores se familiarizarem com ela vai demorar mais do eu uma ronda normal, e obviamente impossível jogar com o mínimo de competitividade em 50% do tempo.

    Pela promoção feita durante esse tempo, confiava que seria ronda DIGNA da classe do jogo, mas afinal, está algo completamente novo que ainda não percebi a quem serve.

    Para mim, a montanha PARIU UM RATO….pena e para isto, poderiam ter evitado o trabalho e o tempo perdido com o envio dos meus convites, já que foi colocada uma expectativa que não corresponde á realidade.

    A dos jogadores do clássico vão estar aqui somente como ESPETADORES e obviamente prevejo que a percentagem de JOGADORES COM BOLA VERMELHA, vai ser espetacular e a Vª grande vitória..

    Acredito que vai servir de boa lição, quanto mais não seja para não promoveram algo que não corresponde, como podem verificar nas 2 prints que coloca aqui, uma clássico atual no servidor PT e outra do atual MASTERS.

    Boa sorte e espero que na próxima essas iniciativas sejam realmente sensatas e dignas do nome.






  • If you paid a bit attention, it was said all along that the graphics would be the new ones (already implemented on the steam over europe servers), that we will see from now on, on the classic servers.

    Like a preview.

    So it is not surprising at all to see these graphics in game...

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • What a nonsense, complaing about something you already knew for weeks; they announced it properly and I personally cheer for the fact that the Masters are played in the new interface; after all this is what all servers will look like within a few months.

  • I actually thought RN wanted to find the best player(s) - but no....
    They want to salute the ones with the deepest pockets....

    I doubt very much I'll be playing Master round for much longer - the leader already has more than 4 times the prestige of 2nd place, he even has more prestige after 2 days than many players have after Era 2 ......
    That cannot be done without pouring some serious money out ..

  • Completey with you about the serious money being spent .... it is already after 3 days just another standard game, dont see the point in pushing myself to stay up to get that final competition, or setting the alram early to collect bonuses. Just spend money
    give him the prize..... forget about the %th YEAR ANNIVERSARY COMPETITION ?????? thats just a laugh, as being able to buy your way to the top ;means it cannot be a competition .. let us ordinary poorer players just have fun

  • We will read every comment and get wiser by each feedback you give us. Thank you so far, and keep em coming!

    If there will ever be another Masters round, what would you change? Would there be a cap to how many lottery tickets you can buy per day? How would you keep the overall feel of the game same?

    Entrance fee sound fun but how about players who want to participate without the entrance fee?

    I'm just throwing ideas around here, and none of them might work in real life. It's still an interesting topic plus I'm waiting to see some movement in Masters top 20. There's not much room to level up station buildings for prestige if everything is at top level, so I believe we will start to see the distance between top players getting smaller and smaller with time.

    Yup yup, we hear you and thank you for all the comments so far!

  • make a competition a game of SKILL,
    take out the gold buying, for once, take the loss and give the community that built you a fair game.

    Gameplay, engines, strategy is all basically excellent, but when you offer prizes, and then allow someone with money to get ahead of everyone else, you have just lost respect

    Buy gold in normal games, expected, but not when its a competition for prizes