Let's talk Rail Nation Masters

  • Run it like a multi class car race. 2 divisions, gold buyers, and non gold buyers. The same RN voucher type rewards go to each division. I don't think real world prizes mean much, the gold buyers will win em anyway. I won't pay an entry fee.

  • make a competition a game of SKILL,
    take out the gold buying, for once, take the loss and give the community that built you a fair game.

    Gameplay, engines, strategy is all basically excellent, but when you offer prizes, and then allow someone with money to get ahead of everyone else, you have just lost respect

    Buy gold in normal games, expected, but not when its a competition for prizes

    I have to agree...I would really like to see some of these record holders' skill confirmed in a game where gold cannot be purchased - you get what you win and earn with no plastic credit crutch.

  • Seriously, you're going to lecture us on what makes the world go around? *Okay*

    We're merely requesting a round every now and then that is more of a true measure of skill. There is plenty of opportunity for Travian to provide their customers with the opportunity to volunteer their 16 digits...I think they can spare a round every now and then.

    I've personally lived in two other countries and visited at least 20 more, having lived on this planet for nearly 50 years. I'm rather confident in my own view and experience with global finance, supply chain management, etc. No "dreaming" required...simply a few lines of code and a couple of mouse clicks. It's been done before - believe it or not! ;)

  • Can you really be *that* dense? "Ideals" have nothing to do with it.

    We simply made a request. I'll try to use one-syllable words, if it helps. No one said a thing about beliefs, joy, or dreams. I think we've made it quite clear and beaten the dead horse regarding (oh crap, three syllables) Travian's priorities. I assume English is not your native language.

    Someone on the FB page actually had something constructive to say, maybe a one-time entry fee for a true skills competition. You see, we actually understand the need for funds to keep trons flowing through the servers and increased funds to make profit. We would *like* a true skills round and we're trying to figure out how to make that happen. It isn't rocket surgery.

  • So anyway, back on topic (hopefully).

    How about the one-time entry fee for a no-gold game? Take the average gold purchase amount for a comparable server (US, DE, COM, etc.) and charge a percentage of that.

    Of course, the lower the price, the more appealing for the player. I'd be willing to buy-in for about $10.


    Maybe consider non-gold rounds being available to those who have reached a certain level of gold purchases. I know if I go back and look at my receipts over the months and 19 servers, it adds up.

    There has to be a way to have a skills round disallowing the purchase of gold that is mutually beneficial.

  • Masters must be restricted of any kind of donations...The only way of fair competitioning - is making a single server of players without any chance of donating toward their contestants.

    You do have a valid point there. If the most skilled player cannot or will not pay an entry fee, then a true measure cannot be made. The proposed round should be about bragging rights and eliminate any doubt. This one may be a hard sell to the folks at Travian.

  • This one may be a hard sell to the folks at Travian.

    Yeah, right! That's the main thing...
    Travian's not interested in listening to players.
    What is this Masters round about (right now)? It's all about the money.
    I doubt if Travian will suffer of making a server without any donations (just 1 server a year).
    But that server would be really a server of masters.

  • You know, in a typical round, they give away a lot of gold. Maybe dropping the huge jackpot in the lottery would offset the loss of regular income from purchase (at least a little).

    I just had another idea...the NHL reminded me of something. The ads on-ice and the boards. They get corporate sponsors to pay big bucks for those ads, especially the ones that are visible from the TV-camera side of the ice. Well, how about little "bill boards" around the countryside? I'm sure some companies would buy off on a little in-game love and be willing to pay something. It's a start.

  • Lets try to be civil. The forums need to remain a friendly place for people to express their views and opinions. You may not share the same point of view but there is no need or room for name calling or creating hostility. Let me start by saying that Travian does watch what is going on and they do value your opinions. Yes, they are here to make money but much of the staff are gamers themselves and do try to make this a fun environment for all so the idea of a round free of spending isnt that far fetched as it generates more interest from the players. That falls in line with global finance as well. That being said, I have been reading all the posts, here and within the Masters server itself and seen some brilliant ideas. One of the best I saw was the idea of a flat entry fee and everyone is given the same amount of gold at the beginning of each round. It is a little problematic to completely eliminate gold altogether as there are so many features that require its use, however, by everyone being given the exact same allowance of gold, people have to use it strategically and therefore, everyone is equal and it becomes a game of skill versus money. If you play on the PTR server, it has been done this way as well.Masters is a new concept and there was bound to be some issues but I can tell you that the feature to buy gold during the event was widely discussed and debated all the way up to the start. I cant tell you what they will do for next Masters event except that I would expect there to be some drastic changes. Please, feel free to voice your opinions here, they are all being read by staff members and again, please treat each other with respect, no idea is stupid or ignored.

    “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”-Mahatma Gandhi

  • An entrance fee for many, including myself, is a non starter. The idea of a set amount of gold to start I like. If it was setup so that a person could buy X amount of gold, or transfer up to that amount from another server to start the game, I could go for. Looking at your gold prices, may be offer 1000 gold for $20, or allow 1000 gold transfer

  • I cant tell you what they will do for next Masters event except that I would expect there to be some drastic changes.
    That would do...All the changes that were happening during all the past rounds of gaming were devastating. Amusing, wonderful, somehow balanced game was destroyed by money-clicking strategies.

  • An entrance fee would stop me playing.

    Part of teh discussion of viable options was that Gold is a prop for those who can't put time in the game. Now why would that be true? The only reason I can accept Gold bought externally as fair in a Master tournament is if those of us with more time, but no cash, can be guranteed a fair game. We have to play a lot of vids to earn those tickets.

    If teh Masters is to honoiur the BEST players then it should be based upon skill not finance. Yet it is true a highly skilled but time poor player would then lose out unfairly to those of us with more time to commit.

    So I suggest we have a system where Gold is acredited each Era or even each day, based upon the time teh player is actually in game and playing. Assuming the game can 'time-out' with some accuracy we could have a Masters where the Gold acredited is less for those with lots of time, and more for those without time.

    For this system to be truly fair the game would need to allocate Lottery prizes with weighting toward equalising the two styles of play. So eg A player spending 8 hours actually moving their mouse around the screen and clicking on elements will earn Gold that if spent on Lottery tickets will have a greater chance of winning Bonus Engines etc. Whereas the player with only 30 minutes in teh day will get a larger Gold payment but teh greatyer number of tickets bought will not get so many Bonus Engines etc.

    This would enable those who require the Gold spend on tickets to continue with that play style. Only teh Gold is not bought with external cash.


    Perhapss a more simple option the total external cash paid into the Masters tournament buys the players who use cash the contiued gameplay yet also increases teh pot of Gold avaialble for non cash users... who will earn their share as 'payment' for time in-game. This idea would need more work but I hope it might act as a catalyst for a viable solution.

    The ultimiiate aim of the Masters Tournament should be to provide all players with an equal chance to prove thier skills.

  • And what about a totally opposite opinion?
    Why not make the Masters round completely WITHOUT gold? That can actually make us value the fact, what gold means for enjoyable gameplay, and that giving the game at least a few bucks for the Plus is really worth it.

    And nonetheless, without gold, it would definitely be a masters degree not only in RN, but in determination and patience too. I think we lack these qualities nowadays.

  • @Elia Sand

    The game relies upon the use of Gold as a part of the gameplay. To remove it altogether would not be practical as it would then make an entireleydifferent game requiring all new skills

    I can assure you I personally value the game and like many on a fixed income and older in years we just are not in a position to be 'giving' a few bucks. At present Iam wondering how we wil pay our upcoming bills and sadly RN would not even make teh list of 'essentials' we have to make every few weeks.

    Patience and determination are becoming rarer, i agree. However, those who cannot afford to pay even a few bucks are already exhibiting immense amounts of both qulaities in surviving in a world that often thinks we are doing soemthing wrong if we can't look after ourselves AND pay a few bucks.

    One of the greatest surprises I have experienced is finding that RN is populted by a lot of silver surfers like myself. If RN had an upper age limit of even 50, youmight be suprised at just how many players would disappear, many of whom encourage the younger players. I dare say you will find that the Mentor program will have a large number of elder Mentors, helping newbies get involved and importantly honing the Mentor program to make it more interesting and effective.

  • I am of the opinion that the Masters should be Gold-less. I am sure many people playing from other countries (like I do) would also like the opportunity to play on an equal basis. When you in the USA pay $4.99 for gold you can multiply that with (currently) 12 !/2 to see how much we in South Africa must pay..

  • to be fair to all there should be prizes for the ones that get there city in the first 10 as anybody can buy 1 place with gold but dose nothing for city then this would be fare as they have to work and show they good players instead of buying gold just to be no one that dont help city