Let's talk Rail Nation Masters

  • Yup,

    Masters is laggy, signing in takes time and it all turns into frustration. I can completely understand that and there's no excuses for such performance issues. It can take another try or two before players can move forward from the loading screen, and then it can take more time to open different game windows, set schedules etc. At times it works better and at times it's like pulling the trains yourself out there...

    I hope to bring good news soon and again, we are sorry for these performance issues and for all the frustration this has caused you.

  • another solution would be for all players to put half of the trains or can be remove half of the players ........you are aware that it is a little laughable your thinking and the best is your blog notes that have nothing to do with reality ....

  • Alright,

    the best and fastest "fix" for now is to move to multi-slot engines like Olympus and Centaur. This will let the server "breathe" and it should run a lot better. This will also help with the endgame, as the number of engines will not go any higher from here.

    Samisu, you are very funny, really !! :-D
    It's very entertaining to read you !! it's like the marx brothers: "
    It is better to remain silent and to be taken for a fool, than to open it and leave no doubt about it. "
    I look forward to reading your next post

  • have patience, is trying to defend the indefensible and should not be pleasant even for him


    but it is they who wanted to impose a game engine that they can not sustain, it is certainly not our fault

    and even worse, have disabled the ability to cancel the account, because if they had left active, there would have been a real escape (I primarily) and the survivors now would play better

    but if the next masters you will all be there to sign up, then do not complain anymore, because you knew what you were going to meet


    and this morning there are continuous system reboots; fantastic, but really unplayable

  • Almost impossible to play now - crashes every few minutes

    RN should return all payments made for Gold, Plus Accounts etc..

    Maybe a class action against them??

  • After a long research, we have found a server setting that allows faster processing of user requests.

    However, this also leads to a rather uncritical error message, which asks you to leave the game / log in again.

    Please ignore or disregard this error message and click next to the window instead.

    Of course, we are still working on improving the situation.

  • internal errors - after five logouts and in again i lost my patience - everything takes to long and it is no fun at all.

    about chance of winning - there is none as long as some players put lots of money in. i'll do the last days just for the gold but not for fun or winning.

    masters is not the right term for it and the term i have in my mind ----- well


  • the new server is more efficient but there are still continuous error messages,to visualize the requests of a farm and a city it often takes more attempts and always a lot of time; to set or change the program of a single train almost always takes a long time and even the videos of the station are blocked continuously; ........ we are still far away ..

  • cannot wait for the masters to end and i will for sure never Play such a game again.

    it is still to slow with continous forced logouts.

    i tried to Change the shedule for 15 Trains and including buying needed wagons i got kicked out 5 times before i succeeded.

    only 2 more days - i just cannot wait.


  • ps. .. error messages should be ignored, do not click on it


    but ....... the program is not good at math:

    i saved a program for all trains, I send them to do something else, then
    reload the program and the system asks me to buy wagons (????)
    it's the third time that happens

    one tick a day

  • NEWS!

    We will restart the Masters server with final preparations for the endgame. The restart will take a few minutes, starting at 12:00 UTC.

    We kindly ask players not to refresh too often when the endgame starts, because this leads to a heavier load on the server. In most cases refreshing might not even help.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Your Rail Nation team