Let's talk Rail Nation Masters

    • Reading a few of the issues raised here, I too have now pulled out of RN Masters as it is a joke to hold a "Master" tournament when the only essential requirement is a large wallet to buy gold with. No skills involved at all, which is normally what things associated with Masters events require. No knowledge of game required either, as gold/Real money doesn't need that either.

    • Well lets talk about masters.. feedback wise....

      1. The server (technically speaking)

      The server is down a lot of times. Today even for at least 4 hours!!! If it is running, it often barely wants to load. Theres a lot of lag in train station too (like with bonus collecting for your association where you often see your station or someone elses despite you changed to another player trying to collect his/her bonus for them). Its extremely glitchy, visually you often see black parts on screen (I would describe it as that). Having absolutely no maintenances on this server only makes it worse coz better a maint downtime than a crash downtime and a very unstable game on top.

      2. Game design vs population load

      I don't think this game is made for having a "massive" population. There is no way you can make any cash to progress in your game because all industries are on 300% capacity and you also have to share them with your neighbour towns. On any not city RG in era 2, you are lucky if your trains make 3k per hour on an RG in the money table of city goods. Also the whole mayority system of industries can be thrown out of the game completely with this many players.

      3. Players allowed to join masters

      This master round is created for your birthday... Why leave out all under 2 star players? They don't play over a year? Aren't they loyal costumers (paying or not)?

      4. Language

      A big problem is that masters server includes all communities/languages on 1 server. It does not work. There is an overload of posts you can't read and no you cannot block all in city forum. Some cities don't even have any RG division in English (Take a look at Milton atm, its 100% in Russian, and who speaks Russian except Russians?)

      5. Greed from Travian

      Pay gold to win this game.... Its not a competition about skill its about spending thousands of real life cash to be in the top. And if you want to be nr 1 (if he even did it legal without cheating), you need to spend 3x more than the price you will win. You cannot have a train station maxed out in era 1 in 2 days. Yes you can speed up building with instants but how to get the cash? Only way is from lottery tickets to purchase but that doesn't give much cash and neither does train station itself (bank and lab went max before money buildings) nor the hauling of rg. Using gold to do this is millions of gold... which is very unlikely someone would do hence the... is someone cheating?

      6. Ranks of cities is pure RNG based.

      You have about 20 cities with exact the same level before era change... Era changes and a random 10 cities will be on top (no the % of completion of city don't get count). Example: Oldtown was 24th. Server crashes... we are rank 10 with exact same values as before.. Last week we showed rank 2... server crashed... now we are 13 or so...

      7. Availability of employees when server goes down

      Before I went sleep the server was down. I instantly wrote on your facebook page that it was down. No reaction from Travian.... Found out that 4 hours later it was still down.... Have some team working in night maybe? To fast fix and notice servers down? And inform your players that the server went down so they dont qq and try find fixes on their ends...

      8. Focus

      If you are running such event as big as this have a dedicated team focussed on it full time. Even the regular servers suffer a lot lately regarding lag/bugs/glitches. I know you are working on a new game but this should never affect your already running games!

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    • Wow, Aneiyaa, this is a very good summary. I totally agree to all of your points.

      I would like to translate it and post it in the German part of the forum, where the discussion is heated, but no post sums it up as fair and factual as you do.

      One addition to "The server"
      I don't understand the failures and crashes. Because ... 4 years ago, 10 k players on a server were normal. It worked. There were crashes and issues too, but not that many. During the years, the team always told us they were making it quicker, more robust, increase server power and work on performance.
      However, looking at masters I can only think: what have they been doing to the game during the last 4 years?
      Es sind Menschen wie James Bond oder Johnny English, die oft die richtige Antwort geben können.
      Frage: "Warum kann der Masters - Server nicht rund laufen?"
      Antwort: "Wenn ich dir das sage, müsste ich dich erschießen."

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    • Aneiyaa (lots of clapping emojis), thank you!

      I will do my best to answer you (and to other players) point by point, honestly, and with the knowledge I have.

      1. The server really has been down too many times, and we are as surprised by it as you are. We wanted to offer you something really special this year, and our preparations were not a perfect match to the volume of player activity in the end. The devs are working on issues on Masters and we are gathering valuable player feedback 24 / 7. "One big downtime to fix them all" - I like the idea of a planned downtime if it will fix all issues on Masters, and it would definitely be better than surprise crashes. Something to be considered.

      2. Factories are burning midnight oil. The "good" thing is the waiting times are affecting every player the same way, but it's a lot of work with majorities - and that's the downside. Cities are still growing though. Are there ways to make RG part of the game a better experience on Masters? In a way, it's Masters so players should be able to find a balance between factories, or you could also try and unbalance things between competing cities as part of your strategy. RN Team is also burning midnight oil at times, and this question will be part of the discussion.

      3. Masters is for more experienced players, and then for those 1* players who really wanted to join Masters with wildcards. Masters does ask for more strategic thinking and knowledge of what it takes to achieve top 100. No one is viewing 1, 2 or 3 star players any differently, stars are achievements like any other. If someone really wants those 2 stars, they could start by joining a less populated game world with the aim to achieve top 100 position ;)

      4. Language oh language. There's both positive feedback and negative feedback with so many languages. Players should make room for all 4 core languages (ru, de, en, fr), but does 'should' work? One wish has been forwarded where players would be able to silence sub threads in city forums and other forums. Also, silencing other players is an option from their profiles (could help). If you are in a situation where a thread should be kept only in English, but you feel like others will spam it on purpose to make your game harder, you should contact game support and ask for help. Language options do not give you the right to be disrespectful to other players.

      5. All I can say here is, there have been no cheaters at the top spots and calling them cheaters or by other more "imaginative" words can be seen as a violation of rules. I just wanted to make this clear to everyone reading this, even if the original comment by Aneiyaa was perfectly appropriate and to the point. This was just a good chance for me to take down some rumors :)

      6. These situations can be unfortunate, and game support will be happy to help you in any way they can.

      7. I believe there were two crashes around 3 at night, and devs decided it's best to fix everything offline to avoid any future similar crashes. This took a few hours, and there was no one updating Facebook at the time. This was clearly a mistake by our part and we will discuss how to handle communication better in these situations. It's important that players know how much longer they should wait for Masters to be back online, what's happening, or even know that it's too early to give an estimation. Let's hope there's a way to make information move 24/7 in these situations.

      8. We have dedicated people working on Rail Nation, and other games do not affect how each game team works. I'm sorry to hear if this is the image we've given to our players, but the truth is: There's a lot of love that goes to this game every day, and to it's future. There's nothing more important than the experience we can give to our players. I guess we just have to put more effort into showing how much we all care for our players and the whole experience we call Rail Nation.

      I hope this answered to some questions many of you had, and thank you Aneiyaa again for putting it all into words!

      The whole Rail Nation team would like to apologize hands to the ground for these issues you are having. This kind of activity is really extreme in the history of Rail Nation, due to the popularity of Masters. The game systems were never under such stress, which is why the errors are now occurring. Our teams are working on it, and we expect to make some progress and improvements with time.
    • Feel free to translate the post into German Klabbouter (you may want to add the reaction of Samisu in as well as its given). Thanks for the reply Samisu, it made some things surely more clear (especially the part that there is fair play when it comes to player ranks I find something very important) :)
    • Thank you Aneiyaa, and thank you Samisu for your answers and also for the new information today.

      There is one point I really do not understand. Even after your post of today, Samisu.

      Anyone of the RN team tells us, they were so surprised of the amount of players who joined, and that the server was not able to deal with that lot of players.

      But when I remember back, 3-4 years ago, 10 k players were the normal count. They were lagging a bit at start, because we all wanted to log in to "our" town ... but they did not crash. 10 k players were normal, often there were 12 k ... RN has always been laggy, but we could play, and we staid, because we enjoyed the game.

      Today servers are better and quicker, LANs at the hosters are quicker, and internet connections have increased speed even more (last month I changed from 60Mb/sec to 200 Mb/sec and even saved money on that change), servers can have more cpu cores and more memory. Everything server side has become bigger and quicker, but running RN for 10 k players was no problem 4 years ago, but it is today.
      It cannot be the changes on the game, the GUI is mostly client side, the server side (backend) still is classic RN.

      Running RN with 10 k players, starting a new round for 12 k was no problem 4 years ago ... but it is today.
      With bigger and quicker servers and internet ... how is that possible?
      Es sind Menschen wie James Bond oder Johnny English, die oft die richtige Antwort geben können.
      Frage: "Warum kann der Masters - Server nicht rund laufen?"
      Antwort: "Wenn ich dir das sage, müsste ich dich erschießen."