Let's talk Rail Nation Masters

  • I hear you Ma RHINO!

    The next Masters Tournament would need to be from a completely new chapter of Rail Nation. There's no room for such lagging or sign in issues - or any big surprises we had this round. A showcase of all the good things Rail Nation is known for.

    I know it doesn't mean much, but the RN team has been with you the whole time and all your feedback has been noticed on different levels. No one is enjoying or celebrating the situation where a game that brings so much joy, is turned into such a slow EG server.

  • yes but in the meantime we are celebrating the millionth BUg, because the system has cheated the expedited vouchers ... on the cake

    and as soon as the game is over I was kicked out of the game without being able to say hello to anyone and you can not go back ... but ... what a disgusting thing, really

  • yes but in the meantime we are celebrating the millionth BUg, because the system has cheated the expedited vouchers ... on the cake

    and as soon as the game is over I was kicked out of the game without being able to say hello to anyone and you can not go back ... but ... what a disgusting thing, really

    Developers are working on it and the Masters should now be back up :)

  • great - i cannot even transfer my gold. what do they think, that i play masters again ?? i do not think i will ever play such a bad server again.

    internal errors, schedules which do not come in effect but i get logged out because of what - of course - internal error.

    trying to log in again and what do i get - yeaahhhh - internal error

    thanks again and keep the gold

    :-( :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

  • Gold from Masters is now ready to be transferred.

  • "The thrilling finale has just ended"that's what's put in final message .....

    Either it's cynicism or it's a form of autism or I do not know;)the sentence "the very disappointing part and this disastrous final just ended" would have been really fairerwhen returning masters I think you're going to have a lot less interested playersthis said samisu thank you not to "drown the fish" because your French counterpart him: well no dialogue no excuse not even if it's all going well it's great. ...

    made with google translate

  • Ok, maybe I am missing something obvious, but I can't figure out how to transfer my remaining Masters gold and plus account time to another server.

    Maybe the problem is that I didn't buy any gold. I won it all in the lotto or from watch videos. However, I seem to remember that left over plus time should transfer either way. And when I have transferred gold before, it allowed me to turn nontransferable gold into plus time.

    In Masters, I go to options and "transfer gold" and it says, "You cannot delete your masters avatar." I go to "collect gold" and it says, "This feature is not available in tournament".

    So I log into the my other game on another server and go to the "transfer gold" and the "collect gold". It gives me the standard, you must delete your avatar in the other world to collect gold and you can only transfer gold between servers in the same country and stuff like that. But the "collect gold" green button is not clickable.

    Where am I going wrong?

  • is the same for mee

  • go to transfer gold, there should be a button for, "Collect Transferred Gold" Your remaining Masters gold and Plus time should be there.

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  • So the stories of failures with RN masters is never ending..

    Ever since the announcement of the compensation, I have tried getting my compensation.
    I followed all instruction in the mail, made sure I allow newsletters filed a support request only to hear I have to email admin@ adress.
    Only to get stuck in the firewall, only after 3 attempts I got thru the firewall and got the obligatory "CS BS" thank you for your request, it will take time to process..

    It has been 8 days now since the latest request.
    Ever since the start of Masters I have been understanding and patient with the shitload of bugs. Defended you guys more then once against an angry crowd.. since not everything can be fixed on the spot.

    But now i'm FED UP!!
    Truely on every promise or expectation you make about the game or compensation you have failed to keep your promise.
    I have been playing all most all games published by Travian Games sinds 2006. I know you do not always deliver perfect games (to put it mildly), I have been always supportive, filing bugreports, play on testing servers, take part in chat sessions with developers, I have even seen some of my suggestions back in the games (which helped me keep going)
    But you guys keep failing ME, your LOYAL customer. Every request I do with support is treated with suspision when you f-up and needs weeks of investigations. It happend to me when a gold purchase went wrong on your end and now again with the masters compensations.

    you totally srewed up what should have been a festive event. NOW be generous in compensation and DO what you promised without starting an indepth investigation to each request.
    You where able to automate access for complex registration requirements
    I was unable to delete my account after it started.
    But now you have to pay a little gold and a few tickets you offered to us you need to check for weeks if I was really on that server.

    better to also give 50 cheaters a compensation they don't deserve then to keep disappointing loyal customers time and time again..

    for the first time in 12 years I am truely angry at the way Travian Games is handling the entire situation.

  • Hello there Driver2927,

    I'm extremely sorry to hear of your experiences, and I just sent you a private message here on forum. You can find your messages by clicking on your account name at the top of the page (drop down menu - > Messages)

    I know you are a loyal and active player, and for that I thank you. I know we can solve this, and I wish you could join me in private chat so we can continue from here.