Pinned Wildcard Contest for the RN Masters

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    • Wildcard Contest for the RN Masters

      Listen up, folks!

      You don't have two stars, but you still want to take part in the Rail Nation Masters? Your creativity might just make that a possibility!

      Show us what tools get you through a round of Rail Nation. Is it a trusty coffee during night-time competitions, the pocket calculator for setting up the perfect schedule or even a software program you wrote yourself?

      Just post a photo of your tool as a comment and have the chance to win a wild card for the Rail Nation Masters.

      The entries with the most useful tools will land in our draw and 20 of you can look forward to receiving a registration code! Please also include your current avatar and server name.

      Entries made via Facebook and all Rail Nation forums will be considered.

      The closing date is Monday, 15th January 2018.

      The winners will be announced on Facebook and on the forums.

      We wish you good luck and hope you'll enjoy the Masters!

      More info on RN Masters here: Rail Nation Masters
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      I search and use a lot on the internet for info, beneath is example
      All Era Engine Table | Rail Nation Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
      Andere i use timetable in competitions, i write on paper the timetable i need and throw it away after, i make new for each competition i want to join.
      And ofcourse gold, boosts etc. whatever i need
      Amoena nl02 Kolenkast
      I am
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      Hello dear Admin!

      I use paper, pencil and the mind I have to establish with the simple rule of three, which I learned in mathematics in the fifth grade, forty years ago, which engine is more efficient, in Era 6 for example: Lindworm or Olympus. With modernizations made, the Lindworm can travel at a maximum speed of 180 km/h and can hauling to 15 full railcars and Olympus has a maximum speed of 150 km/h and draws up to 85 full wagons.

      Using the simple rule of three for Lindworm, I obtain a coefficient of 8.333333333, more simply written 8.(33), and at Olympus I find a coefficient of 56.666666666, more simply 56.(66). Dividing the larger and the smaller: 56.(66):8.(33)=6.8, I find that Olympus is 6.8 times more efficient than Lindworm. This calculation is useful to know which locomotive to use in the End Game.

      Is that simple?

      Have a nice day!

      My nickname: Lacidd23,
      The server: COM05 Cylinder Head (Express) :)
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