Lucy can't count! Tutorial script failure

  • I have been advising newbies to start a server by following Lucy's instructions to the letter.

    So, I decided on teh Rocky Mountain server start to do just that myself.

    I was ok until I bought wagons for my Career Engine, nothing expensive only wood x 7

    However, Ireached a point where Lucy wanted to give me a free engine for another EH upgrade [to Level 5] Idsicovered that Icould not do teh upgrade as Iwas more than $100 short of teh needed money.

    It woujld appear that at some point the tutorial scrvipt broke and did not provide me with teh cash rewards Lucy evidnetly expected me ot have. I looked at the various Medals and saw several Ihad not actioned such as manually editing clothing on teh Avatar; Upgrades to Level 2 on Hotel, Restaurant and shops and some others.

    Please test this from a total newbie account an mkaes sure the script is not broken for all. Meanwhile if it is only players with their Career Engine please alter the script to allow us to utilise our engines OR tell us when we can!

    In desparation Igave up following Lucy to the letter and enabled all scripts. The tutorial rewardds were not triggered

  • Hello mcw,

    I couldn't find anything wrong with Lucy's tutorial. You can skip steps to get back to those more expensive ones later. If you decide to follow the steps in the given order, there are times when you have to wait for your account to fill with money. It's just how the tutorial works.

    I would suggest new players to shuffle through the tutorial quests that are open / available. It's not the whole tutorial that is open, but just some of the steps and that's why you have the option to go to the next chapter. Each chapter has their own theme and steps that teaches different parts of the game.

    One of the things the tutorial teaches is to learn how to balance between different ways to make money, prestige etc.

    So... Shuffle away to the next chapter whenever stuck!

  • I can't agree. Samisu

    Lucy has failed to allow me to use my Career Engine without introducing erroneous behaviour. In your attempt were you only using a newbie account? If so at least Lucy appears to be ok for newbies. However I maintain errors occur once I bought wagons for my Career Engine. Lucy started going wrong.

    I was following Lucy's tasks to the letter. She started to repeat tasks without giving rewards!

    My Station is now as follows

    Construction L2
    EH 6
    Track 2
    Lab 4
    Bank 5
    Licence 1
    Hotel 3
    Shops 2
    Restaurant 4
    Concourse 1

    Lucy has 3 consecutive times asdked me to upgrade teh bank for some Gold yet even though If ollow the yellow arrows Lucy is absoolutely ignoring my builds! She is stuck asking me to build another bank.and has not payed the Gold.

    At Bank 4 Iwas ready to build and then wait for the Starter Pack. However, to make matters worse Idozed off whiler that Bank finished adn went from 544 pp to 604 pp because of end of day plus payments etc.

    So I lost my chance to buy the Starter Pack and if Iam not mistaken following Lucy to the letter would not give me the build to the levels above. Without offering the Licence and it's reward quite early on. Nor was I offered the tutorial on Hotel, Shops and Restaurant.

    As I expalined I only unlocked the queue AFTER lucy failed to offer me other options in teh hope that I might restart a subscript by starrting another unfinished task that Lucy was refusing to give me access to. With Lucy now saying Ionly have 4 remaining tasks I assume those are teh one remaining Bank upgrade and the Track related upgrades

    Lucy's script is 94% done 60/64 tasks done. I have definitely not built any EH or Bank without folowing Lucy's instruction. So would Lucy normally give us a station with those levels on EH/ Bank/ Construction/Licence by 94% done? Without the Licence upgrade and Association tasks? which were also all missing.

    Perhaps you could list for us the task order if we follow Lucy to the letter. With the final level of building that would acheive before we finish all but teh track script?

    I do realise that delays to accumulate funds are built in, however, those are generally able to be bypassed by going to the next module. Lucy has not allowed such a 'shuffle' each tim I tried it. I certainly tried to skip the more expensive upgrades as Iwqas far more interested in getting the Starte pack to boost my Lab and EH. Normally I boost EH to 7 and Lab to 4 or 5 depending upon income..

    If my advice to newbies is actually wrong then perhaps you can advise a path through the upgrades that best suits a purchaser of the Starter Pack.

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