Classic version 4.5.0

  • New Features:

    A new mentoring system, allowing experienced players to become Mentors to help and guide new players take their first steps in the game. The mentoring system will only be activated once all servers have the 4.5.0 update.


    • RN2018-2534 PREREGISTER: Internal server error fixed, which made it impossible for players to join association
    • RN2018-2077 FACTORY/CITY: TOOLTIP: Tooltip no longer pop up outside of displayed area
    • RN2018-2442 STATION: rounding error removed from collectible station bonus
    • RN2018-2269 STATION: Cheaper building cost no longer shows -19% instead of -20%
    • RN2018-2131 ASSOCIATION: exploit removed that allowed associations to own an infinite amount of workers
    • RN2018-2469 TUTORIAL: If players are already in association via pre-register cannot finish step 8 of closed tutorial because other association members collected their station bonus, the step will now auto-trigger
    • RN2018-1772 watching adsale videos no longer cancels full screen mode
    • RN2018-1758 Production series: Lynx DR 18 is again centred on the tracks
    • RN2018-1633 Production series: Basilisk E19/199 Series’ size adjusted in train buy window
    • RN2018-1457 Help text for late-start bonus corrected
    • RN2018-2249 Type Error removed that prevented sitter mode
    • RN2018-2466 New avatar names can no longer contain the symbol <
    • RN2018-2237 NOTIFICATION: Factory level-up-notifications now also list the good in addition to the factory name
    • RN2018-2232 Fixed issue, that caused error 110 when loading a saved schedule set
    • RN2018-1773 With update 4.5.0 we changed the id's of workers, so that those with same effect and from different eras now have the same id. Example: Henry Morse previously had id 95 for era 5 and 115 for era 6. now after the change, the id is 95 for both eras, making it possible to correctly stack them.