• so i found a bug with preregistration ok i didnt get to start at exact 8 am so when i did start the other members that started before me and finished the tutorial are allowed to collect bonous from my station so now im stuck i cant do a thing ingame till my bonus comes due in an hour i cant even use chat to tell the other players not to collect my bounus

  • did you pick beginner mode for lucy's tasks?

    if so try to cancel that to expert mode.
    that way you can first accept the task (green button) and then choose "next chapter" then the task will be skipped and you can continue the tutorial,

    also you can then use chat (and other game features)

  • Hi wvmatt

    This problem will be fixed with the new version (4.5.0)

    Quote from changelog:

    RN2018-2474 TUTORIAL: If players are already in association via pre-register cannot finish step 8 of closed tutorial because other association members collected their station bonus, the step will now auto-trigger

  • I think because the empty places are reserved for pre-registered players that have not yet started on the server.

    The reserved spots are released after a certain period, I do not know exactly how long this period is. I expect (hearsay) that is around 1 week

    Example: 20 people pre-registered to your asso.
    only 15 people activate their account on day 1.

    your asso will show 15/20 members. but you cannot accept outsiders yet because the 5 spots are reserved.
    Only when you grow your asso to allow 21 members you can accept an outside player that did not pre-register.