Rail Nation Masters FAQ

  • Rail Nation Masters FAQ

    Q: What languages are allowed in the chat?
    A: English, French, German and Russian. Please remember that these are the only languages accepted in public conversations or threads.

    Q: What languages are supported via tickets?
    A: You can contact game support in your own language as always.

    Q: I don't have 2 stars in my profile, can I play?
    A: You can participate in the various wildcard events we offer and try to win a registration code.

    Q: Can we use/buy Gold?
    A: Yes, you can buy and use Gold the same way as before on this server.

    Q: What happens with my Gold when the server is over?
    A: The Gold will be transferred to any server/domain of your choosing.

    Q: At the start of the server, will I have my saved Gold from previous servers available?
    A: No, everyone will start from the same Gold level/conditions, so no Gold can be collected from previous rounds.

    Q: Do we have some kind of starter package?
    A: Since the tutorial is disabled, you will instead receive:

    • 200,000 in-game money
    • 150 Gold
    • 1 engine voucher
    • 3 lottery tickets

    Q: Can I use my career engine?
    A: Yes, you can use your career engine and benefit from your achievements so far.

    Q: Can we use sitter mode?
    A: Yes, you can use the sitter mode.

    Q: Can I use the Plus Account?
    A: Yes, the Plus Account is available at the same price as always.

    Q: Will there be any bonus engines?
    A: Yes, there will be bonus engines just as on normal rounds.

    Q: I am from Spain/Italy, can I participate as well?
    A: You can play, but if you win you will not receive any real prizes.

    Q: I didn't receive an official invitation, although I have at least 2 stars in my profile. Can I still join?
    A: Yes, you can join as well. Anyone with 2 stars or more can log in as soon as the server starts.

    Q: Where can we send the real prizes?
    A: At this point, only Italy and Spain are excluded. These are the only countries where we definitely cannot send real prizes due to legal issues.

    Q: Only the 4 core market languages are accepted. What are the other languages for?
    A: Those four languages are the only moderated ones. The other languages are of course allowed in the dedicated country chats.

    Q: What about the forums (like city forum)?
    A: Officially, the 4 moderated core domain languages are allowed here. But no one will be decapitated for starting one thread in another language here

    Q: How will the cities be named?
    A: City names are equal for the whole server. The cities will be named like the English version.

    Q: A Player has two (or more) stars but didn’t receive the invitation mail. Can they still participate in Masters?
    A: Yes! If they got the two stars, they can just register to the server in the Rail Nation lobby.

    Q: How will we warn players, who don’t talk in the allowed language? How will they understand the warning?
    A: So far, the approach is to warn them in English. If this doesn’t seem to work, we will discuss this topic again.

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