The mentoring program

  • Our latest blog post shares info on the mentoring program that will be activated once all servers have been updated to version 4.5.0: Downtimes on January 23rd and 25th

    Here's the introduction copied from blog - any thoughts?

    Hello railroaders,

    Today, we’d like to introduce you to a new feature that will soon arrive on our servers: the mentoring programme. This feature will facilitate the social interaction between veteran players and newcomers in Rail Nation and make it easier for new players to get started in the game.

    What is the mentoring programme?
    As a new player, it’s not always easy to navigate a game interface you’re not familiar with. You might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of features and options contained in the game. While the tutorial can introduce a player to the different features, the real use of those features only becomes clear once a player engages with them regularly and gains experience in playing the game. To make sure players are no longer left alone in the initial phase of their game, we will provide them with a mentor in the future.
    It’s important to know that this mentoring programme is voluntary for both parties involved. Experienced players are given the chance to aid new players with their experience and provide them with tips. If the new player likes those tips, the mentor will receive a little reward for their effort.

    How will communication between the mentor and student work?
    As soon as a student has been assigned to a mentor, they will see a small tile on their screen. Using this tile, they can access the overview of all their students and contact them directly. Until the mentor contacts the student, the latter will not find out about this connection.
    Once contact has been made, the student can also use a pop-up feature if they have any questions. After the initial contact, communication can of course also be continued via the messaging system. To make sure both participants can easily recognize each other, they are marked in all lists with a special icon that only they can see.

    Who can become a mentor?
    We placed the threshold for ‘experienced players’ at career level 10. Suitable players will see an intro screen upon their first login. There, they can also decide if they wish to take part in the programme. This setting can be changed later via the options menu. Everyone who has reached at least career level 10 and who hasn’t left or been kicked from the mentoring programme can take part. By default, every player meeting these criteria is unlocked as a potential mentor.

    Who can be a student?
    As soon as a new player (career level 1) has upgraded their engine house to level 4, they will automatically take part in the programme and appear in the list of potential students. As soon as they’ve completed all of the tutorial tasks or reached career level 2, they will leave the programme.

    Is there something I need to know about participating in the programme?
    One mentor can have a maximum of 3 students at the same time and no more than 10 per game round. Additionally, mentors need to log in at least every 3 days, so as not to be removed from the programme (sitter logins don’t count here). If too many students are unhappy with their mentor’s help or the mentor is too inactive, they will be removed from the mentoring programme.
    You’ll be able to see the mentoring programme in action on your server soon! We wish you lots of fun and travel safely!
    The Rail Nation Team

  • The mentoring program is allocating students as soon as they sign up - not when their engine shed reaches level 4 as indicated in the introduction.
    This means that we (as mentors) will get all all the "sign on and are never seen again" players, and questions which should have been answered by the student completing the tutorial (or at least starting it!).
    Not a great start to the new system.

  • The last few protégés I have had are already orange. Not sure that their engine house can be upgraded much if their prestige is 15 or under either.

    Anytime I get one that *might* be active, I simply say "hello" now. A welcome paragraph with beginning tips (tutorial completion, engines, etc.) is a waste of time so far.

  • Same as what Ron has said. Pupils go orange or quit soon after. One player only has stayed active but wont respond, possibly doesn't speak English (?), or is a multiple account of someone who does not require assistance, or simply doesn't notice the small ! over the face down in the corner. It just generally hasn't worked for me.

  • +1

    I have my third person i can mentor in less than a week.. but all of them have had not more than 1 train and less then 10 prestige.. there seem to be a lot of people registering for a server but never seem to even bother building engine house to level 2.

    so I think there should also be a treshhold of activity before a player is suggested to a mentor..
    SO I think offering the mentor option should be part of lucy's tutorial after like the step to build engine house to level 3.
    or they should have like 50 or 100 prestige before they get suggested to a mentor, so all the instant drop outs don't get suggested to mentors..

  • Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your experiences!

    So, the mentoring system has not been a complete success story? I've forwarded your feedback and I think I will test the mentoring program soon myself. Just got to 10th career level with this account - thank you, thank you, oh you shouldn't have...

    Do we have anyone with positive experiences here?

  • *Maybe* this is positive?

    So I just got another notification of a newcomer needing my help. He's a stars. He's got 44,649 Prestige though. I may need to ask him for tips. That's 2k more prestige than I have on this server. (Loch Ness / S202). User is Del2510, btw.

  • The mentoring program is allocating students as soon as they sign up - not when their engine shed reaches level 4 as indicated in the introduction.
    This means that we (as mentors) will get all all the "sign on and are never seen again" players, and questions which should have been answered by the student completing the tutorial (or at least starting it!).
    Not a great start to the new system.

    Hi, so I'm a new player who has a mentor and so far I've been getting some good advice. Thank you Kinnick! Now, here's what my experience is so far playing this game. I did not know the object of the game initially. I thought it might be something like the old Railroad Tycoon 2. I went through the tutorials but don't remember all of the advice. I would like to go back and READ (not necessarily do) the tutorials again. Are they available? I still don't fully understand how I choose where to place my engine, choose what (and how many) (and what type) of cars to attach to the engine, where the supply of goods and demand of goods are. There's a LOT of things that I find just by clicking around that are not explained. For instance, I just found out a couple of days ago that people have been sending me messages but I never knew I had them and they seem to be all over the place. Thing is, I can't remember where I see them and have to go hunting again until I fin them! I see a lot of tiny pictures but no words to tell what those pictures are. I see the words "licenses", "comptetions", "servers", "auction", "workers" and no idea what they refer to. Also, NONE of the engines are like anything I've ever seen before. Are they supposed to be real? Also, I just discovered these forums as I always just logged into the game. Didn't know I could be on Railnation but not logged into the game. It's all still VERY confusing! Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth of input from a newbie!

  • Maybe I can shed some light on some of your questions. You have a few options with regard to learning the game: Ask here in the forum or chat, start another round (server) and run through the tutorial again, taking notes, or go to any of the online resources such as:

    Rail Nation Answers
    Rail Nation Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
    -or- Guides and Tutorials here in the Forum

    Engines - Two general types (cargo and passenger (PAX)). You buy cars (waggons) as you need them, except with PAX trains, they're fixed and increased only via upgrades. Focus on cash flow or prestige determines what you want to haul. Once you buy cars, you should not sell them. You'll need them until the end game (EG). You can easily end up with a few hundred of each type of car. They are tempting to sell when you need money, but you lose a LOT.

    I assume you are playing the browser-based version on PC or MAC. You will find a couple of different layouts depending upon the playing of either classic, USA, or Europe scenarios. They are essentially the same. Messages are accessed via the envelope icon. When you say "all over the place", I assume you refer to the System, City, Association (Corporation), or personal messages. When you connect to a new city, it is added to the list. You can turn off the notifications for new cities, if you like. I do, unless I'm gathering intel and planning on working that area.

    A competition takes place within a city typically. You register beforehand for 10 gold or wait until it starts when registering is free. Simply race against others for prizes. Whoever hauls the most of what is required whens. Prizes decrease as you rank lower in the results. Sometimes you race by yourself and you take first place by default - unless you do not haul the requested amount (no soup for you - come back one year!).

    There are also City Competitions (CC) where 5 cities compete against each other to haul the most of their weakest RG (Required Good). When you look at what the city requires (ex. Cattle, Wood, Iron, Grain), whichever item the city has the least of is what you will be required to haul (if you take part). If you win (as a city), then all players that have that city set as their home get the benefit/prize.

    Servers are another name for world or rounds. COM101 Rocky Mountains is an example.

    Auctions are where you bid on licenses (bonus for a type of good), or workers. A license might add $35/ton for any given item. A worker is a historical figure that offers various bonuses to a corporation/association. Some are really great, especially for larger teams, some...meh.

    The engines are modeled after historical engines throughout the history of railroads. One of the server types actually gives you a little snipet about where the engine was built and when, along with some key characteristics.

    Don't worry - you'll get the hang of it. It takes a while...I've been playing for nearly four months. Some have been here since the begging (5 years I think).


  • Great answer Ron

    @gregrph There are several styles of player in this game and several types of game on the different servers. However, one thing you will find is that it offerrs a very different challenge to RRT2 or 3 [two of my all time favourite games]

    When you eventually learn how to do it [it varies oon the different servers] you can search for people you have found helpful in the Forum. Then if they are close enough they may help you more specifically in the game. If you post the details of which Server you are playing on, anyone willing ot help you may find you and offer help. When players are on the same server they can view each others stations and trains. This can make giving help a lot easier.

    Assuming youare on teh PC or Mac interface if you look to the left of this post youwill see a heading Gameworlds. Any servers you are on will show there, and that is the info we need to see if we can find you. Another helpful bit of info will be the name of your City and teh name of your current Association.

  • Thank you Ron! I'm slowly learning, I guess that's typical for anything new! A lot of poking around to see "what's what".

  • Thank you! I am playing on a pc. I don't know what server I am on. How do I find it? I know the city in the center of my screen is Hartlefield and I am in the corporation "Feed Sped". One other thing that I don't particularly care for, and it's not just this game but on my phone too and other programs, is the use of tiny "pictures" to represent things that don't words underneath to describe what they are. I've gone so far as to take a magifying glass to look at some of them but I just can't decpher what they are. My eye's are not so good! Anyway, I'm enjoying learning a bit each day. Thank you for your help!

  • As Isaid on the PC look to the left of this reply. You should see a column under the Rail Nation logo. In that column youwill find the Server name mentioned under Overview.

    Another location for the actual server is the URL youuse to log in to your game.

  • I don't know what server I am on. How do I find it?

    switch to the map; on top of your screen is the server name. (E/: at SoE and US server you can see the header on every screen (map, station and lab/reserch) only at classic it is limited to map-screen)

    this is how it looks for SoE- und US- szenario:

    ... and here for classic:

    As Isaid on the PC look to the left of this reply. You should see a column under the Rail Nation logo. In that column youwill find the Server name mentioned under Overview.

    Another location for the actual server is the URL youuse to log in to your game.

    I am in the forum on "full screen mode"; I do not have this column ;) (use for wide screen forum)

    the server- URL is very useful to find out the "country" you play at (there are for ex. many "Golden Gate" server around the world ;) )

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  • @hardi10 I use Chrome on the PC. Never could see any point loading an app on top. So I never tried it. Seems Iost nothing but gained something, as I DO get a list of servers Iam playting on to the left of my screen. Have you tried the game without the App? yopumight find it better :P

  • using Chrome and Firefox

    it is not an App, it is the "native" URL of the forum; the version you use is the ... lets say 'lobby version' with parts of the lobby at the right and left side (the "normal" link ;) )
    I prefer the wide screen version

    the WBB stands for Woltlab Burning Board; Woltlab GmbH is the developer of the forum software and the software itself is called 'Burning Board' (check out for more information)

  • Yes, unfortunately the mentoring program still has problems/faults (as expected :( )

    maybe someone else kicked him and he was then 'your problem' (you can even get player again after you kicked them a few days ago)

    most of the german player disabled the mentoring funktion ( till it is fixed) and give their hints 'the good old way': via chat