The mentoring program

    • Last round, I got a bunch of folks to mentor. And I enjoyed it.

      This round, I was going to follow the lead of some folks whose game skills surpassed mine, so I wasn't planning on mentoring. Sure I was going to feel a little guilty saying, NO, GIT GUD NOOB, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

      But the game never asked me if I wanted to be a mentor.

      After fully protecting my thoughts with an aluminum coating, I realized the game was not in fact reading my thoughts and that the game operators merely disabled the mentoring program while it undergoes some tweaking.

      But then one of my first time players from last game asked me to help her mentor a passel of folks she took on and I immediately put the tinfoil hat back on my head where it still sits as I write this.

      If that weren't scary enough,
      • The game somehow managed to take all the folks I wanted to watch in their native habitat, and convinced them not to play this round.
      • The game just morphed the team captain from bright sunny rabbit into some sickly green on black Goth Scale of Justice
      • The game just accused me of being selfish because I posted about shedding a tear every time someone runs up wait time on an RG immediately preceding the hour that rg will be needed for a competition
      • All of a sudden I am building to a new city to help a bunch of new player learn how to play the game.

      So, please heed my warning. Get out! Get out now!!!!! Before the game permanently traps you into a mentoring role via some really twisted next gen singularity stuff. Roko's Basilik is HERE, run, RUN!!!!.

      In all seriousness, I was surprised the algorithm did not identify me as a potential mentor this round.

      The rest... its all true, Flee Fleance Flee.
    • DramaMagneTSorry wrote:

      Being in our own city with none of the stronger egos that normally play this game has enabled the little band of noobs to learn at their own pace and ... actually... do quite well. We are in era 3 . we dropped to 12th city, and rose to 6th association last I checked.
      This is effectively what I've done but without the mentor. I turned down the mentor when the system offered it to me. As a newbie I was put in a quiet corner with no high flyers ... I read, read, read ... and I try things out. Other newbies left the city as too pottering but I'm learning and having fun - career level 2 and a city that is no longer on the bottom run of the ladder. We won't win but by the next time I'll have gained a whole lot more experience without the agro of getting in other people's way.
    • update: I now have mentors on both of the servers that I am playing on. Thanks to those volunteers! :)
      They seemed to arrive quite late though, (Era 2 for the server that I started on day 1 Era 1. ...and (end of)-Era 4 for the server that I started on mid-Era2)

      I'm quite comfortable with the game by now. So hopefully my mentors can help me understand more advanced concepts! ;)
      I guess it would have been overwhelming to get a mentor on day 1, when you haven't even done the tutorial I see there needs to be a wait until the tutorial is done at least, but ideally (IMO) the mentor should get assigned straight after the tutorial is completed.

      I found these forums to be the best source of info for a newbie. I agree with the suggestions to add something in the tutorial for a) Link to Forums - make the player go there & register.* b) Happy Hour & Wait times. c) Integrated vs straight deliveries.

      *I landed into this game from the App store.I was playing solely on a tablet for the starting days, until I realised that the game was also a browser game. Since this discovery I now play much more on a laptop/browser as there are some small but useful features such as mouse over info. and better zoom control. I still play on mobile devices especially if/when I am mobile! :)

      I already feel like Ive been here ages, and I haven't seen an end game yet! haha.