Poseidon or Centaur?

  • Hello!

    Situation: No bonus engines, Era 5.

    You have a choice, 5 Centaurs, or keeping the Poseidons.

    And it's bugging me. A lot.

    I'm almost at the start of Era 6 with my Poseidons, and I still haven't bought the Centaurs. Why? Because I think Centaurs give less freedom on what you can deliver to the cities, and Poseidons can lead to more goods delivered to more cities, faster.
    I believe the Poseidon it's one of the greatest trains avaiable, but.. I see everyone else with Centaurs, and someone told me that to be successfull I needed to learn from the top players. But the top players have all the bonus engines, and way more flexibility than me in terms of different resources delivered to the cities.

    What's the benefit of Centaurs? I know that it's 36 carts, but two Poseidons do a better job than a single Centaur. It's true, though, that they cost 2 spaces more. I'm trying to get prestige, not to focus on a single good, so that's why I value the flexibility and the speed more than the quantity.

    So, my dilemma is, is it better to keep the Poseidons, to switch to Centaurs, or to sell everything and go on passengers? :P

    I really can't make my mind up.

  • Forget about passengers if you want prestige :)

    IMO, the centaurs are better than the poseidons for everything, except if you are a competition maniac that will do the competitions on 15-20 cities, and therefore value the top speed to go from one city to the next when they are not right next to each other, but still close enough that using the museum is a waste of time. But yeah it's a tough call, because centaurs are not that much better than poseidons most of the times.

    An easy calculation to have an idea of the real potential of an engine is : top speed * # carts / # spaces. In reality you have to account for the acceleration too, but usually the best trains all have kind of the same acceleration.

    But anyway, the trains in era 6 are way better than anything else, and the ?lindworm? (the one at the bottom of the tech tree) is awesome and available 2 days after the change of era at the latest, so if you are at day 13, maybe it is not the time to change your trains anymore.

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  • In fact, I'm at day 14! :P

    So at this point it's just better to rush for the Lindworm, thanks for the tip and for the equation!
    Four Lindworms are 9,4 millions, and a Centaur is 7,4, but still, 60 carts vs 36, and all the possibilities that come with that, there's no comparison.
    When I'll reach the Olympus, will I have to change trains again or just with 25 Lindworms the late Era 6 is doable?

    I'd love to hear more opinions on the topic, though.

  • Well by the time I get to Era 6 I'm aiiming straight for the Olympus. So my choice of train from Era 5 is based upon the tracking. If the RG are close together the trains will often need more acceleration. Whereas if they are further apart they may reach top speed more often. So if you really want to know... do a test run with a Posy and a Centaur on the same route and see which makes you more money. I tried this after I noticed a rival was earning more per run that I was. He had fully upgraded to Centaurs and I had stuck wit Posies. Looking at teh track Ithought the Posy would be fast enough on accelleration to get to its top speed and knock spots off the Centaurs.

    In teh test runs teh Centaurs just hauled more in the time, so proving that we need to look very carefully at acc and top speedsbefore deciding.

    Aiming for a Lindy will put most players out of the runnig for an Olympus as it is consdierably cheaper on RP to go through the Pegasus.

  • but since the lindworm is as good as an olympus in most cases, and WAY better than anything before it, I prefer having lindys since day 2, rather than olympus after 8-10 days. But yeah I'm finishing my first game with lindys atm, before that I was always going straight for olympus. And seeing the lindys in action kinda convinced me.^^ (they are better than the centaurs without any amelioration already).

    Really depends on what you wanna do for the late game, But I will often just have my 25 lindworms, and any olympus bought for free thanks to the lottery. And I will run a combination of the 2 in the late game. Because all of the bonuses are better on an olympus (you get the bonuses on a train that has the value of 5), but I still like the lindworms a lot for some specific tasks.

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  • A few points. WSP (Wagon speed product) is most useful in 0 Wait time situations. Once there is nonzero wait time, trains that can pull more wagons get an advantage. So take it with a grain of salt --- keeping the same WSP by reducing speed but adding more wagons will generally always be better in practice.

    From WSP terms, a Centaur doesn't look that much better than a Poseiden. However, once WT is factored in, it is significantly better. There is one more thing. Those free train vouchers you win? It actually is best to use those on Centaurs rather than waiting until Lindys in era 6.

    Now, Lindy, Hydra, and Olympus in era 6 are MUCH, MUCH better than anything that came before. To get an idea how much better, there are only two situations where it actually pays to convert between engine types before researching any upgrades --- falcons in era 1, and Lindys in era 6. By WSP, Lindys may appear superior to both Hydra and Olympus, but appearances are deceiving: they are somewhat better in most uses than Lindys. By end game, you should convert to Olympus, as they are much more efficient to use your boosts, mechanics, and IDs on (you are saving them for end game, right?)