Wildcard winners for Rail Nation Masters

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    • Wildcard winners for Rail Nation Masters

      Hello dear players,

      We finally have all the RN Masters Wildcard winners here, who will receive their code via email on Monday morning!

      Congratulations and see you soon :thumbsup:

      Amoena COM
      Aurel24 FB INT
      DANI1980 PT
      Henry Bradley DE
      K. Störtebeker FB DE
      Llhoigor CZ
      Lucy6666 DE
      Majestus DE
      MalaŽužu CZ
      Nanoks COM
      NELITO200 COM
      Powerchriss DE
      scooterdeluxe FB DE
      siriusink RU
      Stanley Kudell CZ
      Sunny84Bln DE
      The Exile FB INT
      Tomas65 CZ
      U Corsu COM
      Valsidal CZ
      1969Rulz DE
      AliB RO
      Andy03 DE
      biker0977 DE
      Bodinjo DE
      Catharina DE
      Conquistad0r PT
      donnahelena DE
      Dra3Q RO
      Ehris DE
      Ekna67 DE
      Fotina23 RU
      Frank 06 DE
      Gebeleizis RO
      George Stephenson PT
      Gerd Dieter DE
      Güterbahn COM
      Headless Medusa DE
      jaskajokunen FB INT
      Kaya 54 DE
      kunstnase COM
      Loborius DE
      loreleiblue FB INT
      mamulka64 FB INT
      maniac128 RO
      natsrail COM
      Pedro53 DE
      rigo1906 DE
      Selek DE
      Sir Uwe 1 DE
      Sorgi DE
      stariydurak RU
      Sunny (S2) DE
      Tiger12Leon DE
      trebolet(COM S1) COM
      ughlympix DE
      Vithornet PT
      Wampert DE
      Willi Balder DE

    • For those still wondering where's their invite:

      Q: I didn't receive an official invitation, although I have at least 2 stars in my profile. Can I still join?
      A: Yes, you can join as well. Anyone with 2 stars or more can log in as soon as the server starts.
      From Rail Nation Masters FAQ

      This Wildcard list only mentions players with 1 star, who can participate in Masters with a special code. Everyone with 2 or more stars are invited and most welcome to join RN Masters even if the invite mail didn't make it all the way to inbox.