Newbie questions

  • I just started playing Rail Nations. So far I think it's funny... but.... there is a lot to learn and understand - and it's not that easy to find the answers you need... ?(

    I got the advise to build up the engine station (remise in danish) first. Well... I can buy trains then - but which trains? Should I research a train fully before buying it? Or just buy some, research others and then sell the "starters" later? Which trains should I go for in each Era?

    I hope other newbies will add their questions to this thread - so that we all can learn from the answers we get :)

  • I usually went to the railnation wiki for quick answers, for example typing "era 2 engines railnation wiki" into google. There is a lot of data there.

    With that page, you can see all the info about all the engines from each era, and compare them, to choose the best one for yourself.

    As a general rule, the faster the train, the better for long runs, the more acceleration it has, the fastest it will get to top speed and the more it can haul, the better it will be. Acceleration is actually the speed you gain each second, so with an acceleration of 1, your train is shit.^^ But 5 acceleration can be enough for some trains to be good.

    After that, a thumb-rule can be "max speed * number of wagons", which gives you the "value" of your train, called WSP. And then you can take the best train on each era based on their WSP. Of course, it is not exact and max speed matters less and less, the longer the wait time, as the formula works only for 0 wait time.

    Or you can use this website to have some graphical information :

    Else, most people have this ranking for each era :
    Era 1 : Falcon better than Rhino better than the first train
    Era 2 : Lynx
    Era 3 : Morpheus
    Era 4 : Poseidon (Thor might be an option while waiting for the poseidon to be ready)
    Era 5 : Centaur
    Era 6 : Lindworm / Olympus

    This "ranking" is just a basic idea of what most people do. But you should try some other trains in some specific cases. I will let you search that for yourself, as there are a lot of possibilities depending on the server you are playing in, the type of goods you deliver, and so on. But the ranking is a good starting point and what almost everybody does.

    Also, you should always try to research everything for the trains that you will run. Usually, I play with 1 train for an entire era, so it is worth it to have all upgrades.