Trains Icon Grayed Out

  • UPDATE: Happens after setting a schedule from a selected engine on the trains list. Engines list window disappears, but icon is not selectable and remains grayed. It acts as if the window is behind the map or off-screen. Switching to research or train station and back to map does not have any effect.

  • Still happening but I have a quick-fix:

    When the icon becomes grayed out (as if trains is open), go to the station, scroll to another assn. member's station, then click on the map icon. The train icon should return to normal, allowing for normal use after exiting other member's profile (observation-mode).

    I do believe the problem is only on USA East/West rounds.

  • Iwonder if this is related to soemrthing else Ihave noticed this week. All animated trains vanish. If Igo to the train list and centre on teh train location it claims it is ion one of teh stations.

    Seen it definitel;y on Loch Ness, and teh Masters. Not sure about Classic

  • Nope not at all. I got invited for reasons unknown.

    It is interesting to see how it differs from other servers Ihave played. Even more interesting to see how so many players are playing. Where Iam it appears people have at last realised that dominating the maj on a farm is a pointless waste of money in the early game. Now we all see mto survivie with no outright maj and might actually make enough money to break out and earn pp further afield :)

    Getting back OT :)

    Since the move to the new Masters server Ihave not experienced teh invisible trains. However, Ihave not been watrching out for teh phenomena :)