It's raining letters!

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  • It's raining letters!

    This weekend is all about passenger trains!

    On top of the new passenger trains we are looking for here: New passenger engines for 5th and 6th era

    You are most welcome to participate and try out this new kind of word puzzle. Can you find out how the question goes and what is the correct answer?

    The rules are simple: drop letters from each column to free cells below it. Letters can be dropped in any order. For example, first word on the first row is THE, and the last word on the first row is PASSENGER. Some cells are already filled with special marks and numbers, and the letters you just used can't be used in that column again.

    This thread is moderated, so all answers will be published once the contest is over February 11th 11 pm (23:00) UTC.

    1st to give the right answer wins 200 Gold
    2 other random winners with the correct answer will also win 200 Gold each

    Please remember to include the name of your game world in your answer.

    Good luck!

    P.S. One of the words (engine) should be 'train'
  • The world longest passenger train consists of 44 carriages and two engines.
    What is the engine called and how long is it?
    THE GHAN - total length of 3,600 ft (0.7 miles or 1,096 metres), model engines Cv40-9i. It will travel 1,800 kilometers between Adelaide and Darwin for three days and two nights.
    LamRis - CZ201 Vyšehrad

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  • Alrighty, the 3 winners who will all receive a prize of 200 Gold are


    Thomas the Cat


    Congratulations to our winners, and the GHAN really is quite something! In SoE scenarios it might look pretty weird if all the 44 carriages were to be transported back and forth from city to landmark ^^