All aboard!

  • Our researcher has a déjà-vu, he is convinced he has been here before. However there are some small differences like how he remembers it. Can you help him to find those 10 differences?

    Among those who gave the right answer we will pick randomly 5 winners. The winners will all get 150 Gold and 5 lottery tickets.
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    Contest runs from Tuesday 13.02.2018 - Thursday 15.02.2018.

    Good luck!

    • Fountain- Springbrunnen Fontäne
    • Last ‚N‘ of big Rail Nation Sign- Letztes N des „Rail Nation“ Schildes
    • Broken second window- Zerbrochenes zweites Fenster
    • RN-logo on the left train- RN-Logo auf der Lok
    • „Lukas was here“ Tag- „Lukas was here“ Tag
    • Man in grey suit on stairs- Mann im grauen Anzug auf der Treppe
    • Ladle of conductor right- Kelle des Schaffners rechts
    • Belt of conductor richt- Gürtel des Schaffners rechts
    • Note on pole right- Anschlag/Zettel auf dem Masten rechts
    • Hat of women (third from right)- Baskenmütze der Frau (dritte von rechts)

    DE105 Grand Canyon

  • (TR-01 Buhar Kazani- Turkey)

    From left to right;
    1) RN logo on the front side of the red train
    2) Shoelace of the white haired man's right shoe
    3)Water of the fountain
    4) Broken glasses of the station building (brhind the fountain)
    5) Color (Red/Purple) of the girl's hat
    6) The letter "N" of the "RAILNATION" signboard of the building
    7) Man on the stairs
    8) "LUKAS WAS HERE" grafitti on the side wall of the building
    9) The green "go" sign on the hand of the RN guy (Behçet)
    10) The notice/card with a cowboy face, sticked on the lamppost/pole

    (TR-01 Buhar Kazani- Turkey)

  • The "N" on Rail Nation is off line
    The person climbing steps is gone
    The fountain is gone
    The window behind where the fountain was is broken
    The girl on the platform has a purple beret
    The logo on the front of the train is missing
    "Lucas was here" is now on the side on the building
    William "lollipop" is missing
    There is a poster on the telegraph pole
    The man on the near side platform his lace on the right hand foot is undone

  • Ru201 Золотое кольцо
    буква N
    на столбе фото
    в руке нет сигнального жезла
    нету человека на лестнице
    тень в окне
    разного цвета шапка у девушки
    у левого поезда нету значка
    надпись на здании
    у главного героя шнурки

  • Noceth
    US102 Grand Central

    1."N" on Rail Nation building sign falling off.

    2. Wanted poster on round post.

    3. Water fountain is on in one.

    4. Lucas was Here graffiti on top side of main building.

    5. Man walking up steps to main building in dark grey suit. sign in conductors hand with whistle.

    7. Broken windows to the left of the entrance in main building.

    8. RN logo on red engine.

    9. He right shoe is untied.

    10. Woman with red scarf has red hat and purple hat

    • poster on pole
    • fountain
    • broken window
    • RN logo on front of train
    • N in railnation on building coming off
    • Man on stairs
    • grafiti on side of building
    • hat on the lady on the other platform
    • Conductor's sign on other platform
    • Laces on shoe of the man on closest platform
  • I think I might be able to help, trying to list them from left to right (all of these happen on the bottom picture):

    1. Rail Nation sign on the front of the left train missing
    2. Researcher's shoe laces of the right foot came undone
    3. Fountain's water is running
    4. The second window under the Rail Nation sign is broken
    5. The last "N" from the Rail Nation sign is tilted
    6. The girl's fancy hat is purple instead of red
    7. The man on the stairs has gone missing
    8. "Lukas was here", he wasn't before
    9. The train conductor lost his green sign
    10. There is a "Denzel Washington wannabe" poster on the lamp post

    I think that makes ten, ten-k you.

    Game world: COM202 Loch Ness

  • M1.101 Golden Gate
    1: Missing RN on the train
    2: Resarchers shoe laces
    3: Womans hat is purple
    4: Wanted poster on pole
    5: Missing water in fountain
    6: Missing man on stairs
    7: broken window
    8: N on board hanging
    9: Graffiti on wall
    10: Train conductor missing his signal board

  • 1: The fountain doesn't emit water
    2: The poster exists only in the second picture
    3: The sign the station atendee is holding doesn't exist
    4: The person walking up the stairs isn't there
    5: The window is broken
    6: The Rail Nation logo isn't there on the red train
    7: The Graffiti "Lukas was here" only exists in the second photo
    8: The N at the large Rail Nation sign tilts a little bit
    9: The researcher's right shoe is untied
    10: The girl with blonde hair wairs a red cap at the first picture, while on the second one she wairs a purple one

    US101 Golden State

  • Name TheCapn
    Game World Com201 Big Ben

    Fountain water missing,
    Missing paddle in conductors hand,
    N on sign,
    broken window,
    Person on Stairs,
    Shoelace untied,
    graffiti on top right of building,
    wanted poster on pole,
    RN logo missing from front of train,
    Beret is purple