Tutorial Awards

  • Great to see other players joining the conversation with more information!

    And mmmcheesywaffles, there should be a message waiting for you in your Forum conversations box. Someone had also left you a link on your wall regarding Classic scenario tutorial tasks.

    Summary from previous comments

    • Tutorials are balanced. Some differences appear depending on scenario.
    • Classic scenario has a HQ task difference depending on pc / app version. Tasks + awards are still balanced. Changes are coming with the new client / user interface, but I will froward wishes from this thread, naturally. Even if tutorials will stay as they are.
    • Request to see a complete and updated list of all tasks + rewards from all scenarios, pc and app could not be answered, as I do not have the necessary info or the time to make one now - I would need to go through every tutorial and collect the information by hand. Best option is to use the tutorials, get the rewards and contact game support if no reward was given.. Support is able to see if there's been a skipped step for example, or is everything working as expected.
    • Tutorial tasks are not randomized and previous decisions by player will not change the outcome of future tasks (except for being finished and rewarded later)
  • For the Classic (Browser) tutorial & tasks:

    Personally, I prefer the old-style browser tasks and will miss them when we change to the new system.

    For reference, I've posted the SoE tasks as they were when I last played an SoE server (which means they may have changed, so I apologize if it's not up to date). Remember that the Classic tasks on mobile would be missing SoE-only stuff, which should just remove tasks 51 through 60.

    01 Buy engine
    Action: buy an engine
    Reward: $10,000

    02 Schedule
    Action: set up a schedule
    Reward: $5,000

    03 Engine house
    Action: upgrade the Engine House
    Reward: 1 free engine (voucher)

    04 Buy another engine
    Action: buy another engine
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    05 Your home city
    Action: open the city info
    Reward: $10,000

    06 Another schedule
    Action: set a schedule for your new engine
    Reward: $10,000

    07 Route construction
    Action: construct a new route (track)
    Reward: 2 wagon vouchers

    08 New schedule
    Action: start your first delivery (supply an industry)
    Reward: $5,000

    09 Track production
    Action: upgrade Track Production
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    10 Research
    Action: research an engine upgrade
    Reward: 1 RP

    11 Install upgrade
    Action: install the upgrade to your engines
    Reward: $15,000

    12 Laboratory
    Action: upgrade the Laboratory
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    13 Collect bonus
    Action: collect the Restaurant bonus
    Reward: $5,000

    14 Restaurant
    Action: upgrade the Restaurant
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    15 Collect another bonus
    Action: collect the Shopping Center bonus
    Reward: $10,000

    16 Shopping Center
    Action: upgrade the Shopping Center
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    17 Collect prestige bonus
    Action: collect the Hotel bonus
    Reward: $15,000

    18 Hotel
    Action: upgrade the Hotel
    Reward: free lottery ticket

    19 Free lottery ticket
    Action: redeem the free ticket you won
    Reward: $5,000

    20 Daily free ticket
    Action: redeem your daily free ticket
    Reward: 5 Gold

    21 Buy lottery ticket
    Action: buy a ticket and scratch it
    Reward: $12,000

    22 Bank
    Action: upgrade the Bank
    Reward: $12,000

    23 Engine house
    Action: upgrade the Engine House to level 3
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    24 One more engine
    Action: buy another engine
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    25 Optimal schedule
    Action: set one more schedule (timetable calculator)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    26 Rankings
    Action: open the ranking
    Reward: 5 Gold

    27 Prestige
    Action: open the prestige overview
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    28 Medal
    Action: redeem your medals (only 1 is needed)
    Reward: 1 investment voucher

    29 Investment
    Action: invest in an industry
    Reward: 10 instant dispatch vouchers

    30 Instant dispatch
    Action: use the instant dispatch once
    Reward: $5,000

    31 Servicing
    Action: service an engine
    Reward: 1 mechanic voucher

    32 Mechanic
    Action: hire a mechanic
    Reward: 5 boost vouchers

    33 Boost
    Action: boost one engine
    Reward: 10 Gold

    34 Competition
    Action: sign up for a competition
    Reward: 1 license voucher

    35 License
    Action: buy a license
    Reward: 1 clothing voucher

    36 Clothing
    Action: buy a piece of clothing
    Reward: 1 production series voucher

    37 Production series
    Action: buy a production series (unlock it; not buy an engine)
    Reward: $50,000

    38 Engine house
    Action: upgrade Engine House to level 4
    Reward: 1 free engine (voucher)

    39 Buy engine with production series
    Action: buy an engine with a production series
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    40 Schedule
    Action: set a schedule for your new engine
    Reward: $10,000

    41 Zoom
    Action: zoom in or out on the map
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    42 Focus home city
    Action: center the map on your home city
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    43 News
    Action: open your messages
    Reward: $5,000

    44 Chat
    Action: open the chat
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    45 Support
    Action: open the support
    Reward: 5 Gold

    46 Association
    Action: apply for an association or found one
    Reward: $10,000

    47 Workers
    Action: bid on a worker auction
    Reward: 1 HQ donation voucher

    48 Association HQ
    Action: donate toward the association headquarters
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    49 Association ranking
    Action: open the association ranking
    Reward: $5,000

    50 City ranking
    Action: open the city ranking
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    51 Regional ranking
    Action: open the regional ranking
    Reward: 5 Gold

    52 President
    Action: elect the president of your region (vote)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    53 Mayor
    Action: elect the mayor of your city (vote)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    54 Landmark
    Action: open the landmark info
    Reward: $10,000

    55 Connect to landmark
    Action: connect to any landmark
    Reward: 3 wagon vouchers

    56 Supply landmark
    Action: deliver goods to the landmark
    Reward: $10,000

    57 Invest in landmark
    Action: invest in the landmark
    Reward: $10,000

    58 Special routes
    Action: invest in a special route
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    59 Harbour
    Action: open the harbour info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    60 Ships
    Action: click on a ship
    Reward: 1 Research Point

    61 Research passenger train
    Action: research a passenger train
    Reward: 1 free track (voucher)

    62 Connect city
    Action: connect another city (must have a level 5+ city)
    Reward: 10 Prestige

    63 Museum
    Action: put an engine into the museum
    Reward: $100,000

    64 Buy passenger train
    Action: buy a passenger train
    Reward: 5 Gold

    65 Plan passenger transport
    Action: open passenger transports (from city)
    Reward: 5 Prestige

    66 Start passenger transport
    Action: start a passenger transport schedule
    Reward: $10,000

    67 Sitter
    Action: open sitter info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    68 Invite friends
    Action: open invite friends info
    Reward: 5 Gold

    69 Registration
    Action: register your email (can only be done once)
    Reward: 100 Gold

    70 You've done it!
    Reward: 3 lottery tickets

  • I disagree strongly that rewards are balanced when I have yet to be offered any evidence of such balance. This game is full of apparent imbalances. However, most appear to be incentives for progression in teh game. I am not ware of any other imbalance based upon what appears to be the abitrary decision to give advantage to an App user over a Browser user. Even now you appear to avoid saying HOW the App and Browser versions are balanced.

    Again you say changes are coming but I want to hear that those changes will include proper consideration of the damaging effect teh lack of HQ voucher has on both the playability of the Pre- Registered game and upon the nurturing of newbies who may not be able to generate the funds fast enough for their team mates. RN needs to consider that HQ investments are locked to teh players and cannot be helped by team mates.

    By the time we raise an issue with support it is too late, if the player has made an incorrect choice, rather than an error in the award process.

    A players decision will indeed change the outcome if we adopt the wrong tutorial or prefer to use a Broswer rather than an App. So in external oterwise irrelevant decision is allowed to impact upon internal gameplay.

    But I thank you for your reply Samisu.

    I have never heard of a 'Forum conversations Box' or 'wall'. I have no idea where those are. There are no obvious links to either on the Forum page I can see.

  • I'm not satisfied:

    - RN does not explain how tutorials are balanced.
    - RN does not explain why Browser-users are discriminated against in favour of App-users.
    - RN should give Browser-users a HQ-voucher to be fair, now that would be balanced!

    I expect a proper answer this time. The answers that have been given have a strong 'Huckabee-Sanders' feel about it, i.e. a lot of text, but not giving real answers.

    RN, treat your players with respect please! This is not the way.

  • I'm sorry if my comments made you feel anything but respected, and I would like to ask this thread to be kept civil and courteous, please.

    I'm here to answer to the best of my ability with the information I have at the time. Some of my comments may sound belittling, but please remember that I'm here to answer to everyone reading the thread, no matter their experience level with the game. My imperfect answers do not mean that your thoughts and feedback hasn't been heard or you aren't respected. Quite the opposite. Some conversations can also be best moved to private channels, as we have done here.

    The conversation continues, new UI is on it's way to Classic, and until then the browser version of the Classic tutorial differs from App tutorial. Some previous comments in this thread explain the differences and tasks. All I know is, the tasks and rewards have been designed to be balanced. Should the HQ coupon be added as an extra gift to browser players until the UI change, or would that create imbalance - that's not a thing I can comment on as it is not my decision to make. The wish has been heard though.

    I will get back to you if or when I hear anything new, and have a lovely Sunday choo-choo!

  • Thanks Samisu.

    I know from personal experience a job like yours is often thankless.

    It is especially difficult when things go badly wrong and all teh staff get exhausted from the frustrations of seing theirs or colleagues efforts go to ruin. [Masters debacle] After all your livlihood depends upon a successful game, nobody wants a mess.

    I think it is fair now that we wait and see what decisions are made, without adding to the pressures. Clearly teh RN team has a lot of prioritising to handle. I just hope they will act on this particular issue quickly before it damges this round in these servers that have recently started.

  • So let me get this straight.

    If you pre-reg you get free HQ donations untill any level,if you have to pay 7.5 million that means lvl 14 ; more then 20 million per donating player in free HQ levels.

    That doesn't make any sense.Why would a novice player set back over 20 million just because he didn't start one round earlier?

    What happend to the good old "new round new chances" model?

  • If you pre-reg you get free HQ donations untill any level,if you have to pay 7.5 million that means lvl 14 ; more then 20 million per donating player in free HQ levels.

    No, you get a HQ voucher with the new tutorial ( no matter if pre registered or not).
    New tutorial is on SoE- and US-scenario server (no matter if you start at PC or mobile)
    New tutorial is also on classic if you start the server (first registration) with the APP. When you start classic with browser you will have the old tutorial which does not have a HQ voucher

  • Ah i thought you guys said you could register with a nearly filled asso without paying for it.

    That is what i understand when someone says

    "However, with Pre-Reg teh HQ Award is a vital award to get in the first stages when most players will still be counting their daily profits in k' rather than M's, and a good sized Assoc will enter the game with HQ fees around 7M".

    I was about to suggest to fix this bug easily by completely removing the HQ donation from all tutorials if the difference between a novice and a alumni is 27 mil but i misunderstood.

  • Pre-registration DOES allow you to skip the cost of upgrading the HQ, to as many spots as are pre-registered. So if you have all 25 members pre-regiser, then you come into the new round with a level 15 association and no need to upgrade the HQ at all -- therefore no need to spend cash to upgrade it (and that saves more than 27 mil for anyone who would've donated to every upgrade).

    What the poster meant by what you quoted is that the HQ voucher is vital because most associations don't end up with all 25 spots pre-registered. This means they're stuck in Era 1 trying to expand, having to pay much higher HQ fees than what would be seen with a brand new association. The HQ voucher allows them to avoid those high fees to open up new spots for people to join after the first 3 days of the server.

  • Can i ask is there any way to skip Lucy's tasks they are so annoying each round when you have done them round after round sure their should be a way to skip them the same way you can skip William's. The tasks are helpful for newbies but are not required by seasoned players who know how to set schedules and upgrade building etc.

  • You can just ignore the icon, but why would you? You get all sorts of goodies and enough gold to get a plus account and starter package. I've played over 70 rounds and complete the tasks every time.

    Are you wanting to automatically receive all the awards, resulting in having requisite conditions instantly achieved? That would mean owning x amount of engines, having station buildings at elevated levels, tracks laid, & so on.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding your question.

  • You can just ignore the icon, but why would you? You get all sorts of goodies and enough gold to get a plus account and starter package. I've played over 70 rounds and complete the tasks every time.

    Are you wanting to automatically receive all the awards, resulting in having requisite conditions instantly achieved? That would mean owning x amount of engines, having station buildings at elevated levels, tracks laid, & so on.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding your question.

    you get 60 gold only by initial tutorial.

    plus account = 150 gold

    I play Broway Express, Europe Scenario, Classic, Classic Express and i never had enough gold from a tutorial to buy a plus account and starter pack.

    if i wish these two items, i buy gold at gold shop.

    it is good to do the tutorial because the first time you give money to the worker, it gives you a ticket for company donation!