New Interface Awesomeness

  • I just realized that with plus account you can double click a train to select all trains of that class. Words cannot explain how totally awesome that is.

    Anyway, with all the grief y'all catch, it is nice to see small improvements that make a huge difference show up. :)

  • Heh, I notice the feedback thread to the latest updates got taken down....

    The 90 minute login effort was not fun, but once I got in, I really enjoyed the crisper graphics and the game felt more stable.

    Forum typing was frequently laggy, but on the flip side, much less likely to freeze up altogether.

    I personally like dense displays with lots of information, and I have actually started to look at the extra information while making decisions already, but I will say the train detail may be starting to push that envelope a bridge too far (much as I have done with my metaphors).

    I am a big fan of this new higher rate of changes, despite the hiccups that occur along the way.