Are you the next RN team member?

    • Are you the next RN team member?

      Are you the next Rail Nation team member? Let's find out!

      [ ] I play Rail Nation on domain COM, US, M1 or TR
      [ ] I'm social and I like to chat with other RN players
      [ ] I'm fluent(ish) in English
      [ ] I'm service oriented (It's nice to be kind and helpful)
      [ ] I like to keep peace (moderating)
      [ ] I want to gain volunteering experience (in gaming industry)
      [ ] I'm willing and able to learn the use of team tools (not all thumbs)
      [ ] I like being creative and throw ideas around
      [ ] I'm optimistic (ability to breathe in and breathe out before making decisions)
      [ ] My ego doesn't need constant scratching (there for others)
      [ ] I'm good with being part of a team
      [ ] My two cents (that little spark that keeps engines humming)

      Being a Rail Nation team member is more about personality that works well together with other team members. Being a team member also means you care for other players and for the game. Do you recognize yourself from the list above? No need to check all boxes ^^

      If you want apply to CM Samisu's team, you can start a private conversation from here: (tap 2 speech bubbles icon). Also fine if you just have questions on joining the team.

      Choo-Choo :engine1:

      All team roles are filled for now.