*Maybe* a bug...

  • Hi all.

    I have two servers that I wish to discontinue playing; NL02 Kolenkast & DE02 Feuerbüchse. When EG was over, I selected to transfer gold and delete the avatar. Well, they are stubbornly still on my list. I tried a second, maybe third time...same. I am aware of the 3-day period where you can't log in to them (else they remain active). It's been at least 5 days since I last visited either of the two.

    This is not, by any means, a big deal...just annoying. I can live with two worlds at the bottom of my list - would rather not though.



  • As far as I know you can not delete your avatar after the endgame has ended; you have to create a new avatar after restart and then delete this one to get your gold transferred. (not 100% sure about it)

  • Maybe it's different from server to server. I've deleted my avatar (effectively removing me from the round) on about 5 servers with no issue, each time after EG, but when the new round started up. Additionally, any transferable gold is lost unless I start on another server/same country (ex. nl --> nl ). Not worried about that either...just cleaning up my home screen. I'll peek in there again and see if there's a clue.