Instant dispatch

  • I think there are definitely balancing issues with this idea but with the instant dispatch on specific trains nothing really changes in the gameplay; right now people have the same possibility but now you have to click each train seperately the moment it arrives at an industry. This would make gameplay just easier, not different. An option to considder is to make this "instant dispatch by train" a PLUS feature.

    The second idea you mentioned sounds just great! but.... here are some serious balancing issues to considder... if it is for one hour for example, just like the turbo feature, this option would be used by the so called gold players throughout the whole game; the result being that for them integration is not really neccesary anymore to cut waiting times, resulting in even higher waiting times for every other player. I think this would disrupt the gameplay and furthermore allow players with deeper pockets to have more possibilities then those who dont or wont. I dont think it would be much fun.
    Stil I like the idea of having a second coupon, but I think it would be more realistic to have one for 5 stops 50% off waiting time then one hour; this would make the feature far too expensive to use all the time.

  • Possibly another way of doing things would be to have an option to reduce WT for a set tonnage then the player would not be allowed to use the feature again for a period.

    So player triggers reduced WT for one or more trains then timers ar started on each train that will not allow the use of that feature until an equal time with normal WT is suffered.

    Using this method perhaps Gold coiuld be used butbalance could be retained.